The social aspects in games have become an important facet. Whether co-op, multiplayer, or competing in the leaderboards, players couldn’t imagine what it would look like without other people.

If you enjoy playing with others, here are 4 online social games to try.

Online poker

Playing online poker has evolved beyond its traditional counterpart. In respectable platforms like DominoQQ, you can compete with other poker enthusiasts around the world. There are now more people to play with at IDN Poker and as such you can continue to enjoy your favorite pastime.

Some poker sites will not ask you to download or install an application. Everything is loaded in the web browser in minutes – sound, graphics and gameplay, and you can play on any device.

Casino games

Casino games, like poker, are now on the Internet. You can browse and play the basics like slot machines and roulette or try something new, like Judi Bola or Bandar Bola.

The great thing about online casino sites is that they have a wide selection of enjoyable games, which means you will never get tired of playing just one game. For example, when you are tired of blackjack, you can try Agen Bola.


Minecraft is an open sandbox world made up of blocks. Consider each box as a Lego peace and you will have the game down. You and your friends or strangers connect to servers and play together to create a world to your liking.

The potential for creation is endless. In addition, there are user-created maps that you can download and play offline or with friends.


With millions of players around the world, Fortnite is a resounding success that offers battle royale gameplay. Dozens of players compete to be the last man standing in a multiplayer shooter. You can use a number of weapons and obstacles to form a strategy.


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