When you hear the words “work”, what do you think of? Will your mind automatically go to the gym? Do you see yourself exercising on the equipment? Or maybe you run in the morning? Where are you going? How many miles do you run? It’s no secret that exercising is just about physical exercise, but sometimes it also affects your mental being. More than just physical fitness, it is always better to be also mentally fit. Unfortunately, there are not many exercises that can help you do this easily.

But do not give up hope because there is one that you can still do and it is an easy exercise: the whole body vibration training. As simple as jumping on a vibrating exercise machine and doing some yoga poses and aerobics movements on it, you keep your mental state as healthy as your physical body.

Do it all alone

First, you have to do it alone. In fact, you can stay mentally fit with most exercises as long as you do it alone. But there is something particularly cathartic about training whole-body vibration when you do it alone. On the one hand, it is already a relaxing exercise. When you do it alone, you won’t feel like you have to look like you’re hurting. You can revel in the soothing properties that vibration gives you. Also, when you train alone, you will have a quieter space to hear your thoughts. Once you do, you can better control them and control them.


Whole body vibration training is a fairly easy exercise. It really requires you to jump on a vibrating exercise machine and do some movement on it. But while the gym rats will chastise you for doing a simple workout, at least you can meditate. Unlike lifting weights, cardio, or CrossFit, you don’t need to focus on a lot to get the exercise right. Once you get into the rhythm of your machine, you’re already good. And thanks to such simplicity, you can meditate, focusing on good thoughts – perhaps also solving certain problems – and eliminating bad ones.

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Focus on exercise

However, you must focus on the exercise in order to do it properly. which, even if it will occupy your mind, can also keep you stable. Here’s the trick, setting the pace with your machine is the tricky part of whole-body vibration training. You probably won’t succeed the first time. That way, you will have to really focus on getting it to do it right. And in this way, you block the bad thoughts that often harm you and you focus more on the current exercise. With luck, you might even forget about them even after your workout!

Enjoy the vibrations

Why not take advantage of the vibrations. Don’t they tickle you? Do you feel funny? Make you laugh? Vibration is often the best part of whole-body vibration training. In fact, that’s what makes it unique in the first place. And instead of letting them bother you – adding more stress to your mind – take advantage of it. Let them make you laugh. Let them tickle your body. Let them challenge you more to really put you in the right head space and frame of mind when you stay in good physical and mental shape. What could have been the biggest obstacle of this exercise can become what you will appreciate the most!

Let the machine soothe you

He might not want to at first, but aside from that tickling sensation, the vibrations actually have their own soothing properties. They will help you relax more while you exercise. And once relaxed, you will automatically have a calmer mind to keep you mentally fit. So let the vibrating exercise machine soothe you too. Be one with the machine and work together to improve and calm yourself. It’s the magic of training. Even if it is an exercise, it is also a relaxing activity, just like a massage, a good book or your favorite movie.

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Let go of your body

Make sure that when you do whole body vibration training, you let go of your body. Not literally, of course. Part of the exercise involves doing all kinds of aerobic movements or yoga poses to really reap the benefits. But do it mentally. Do not think of the evils and evils that could contribute to darken your mind. Don’t put too much emphasis on your fabrics; hope they are well taken care of! Once you mentally let go of your body, you will not only think more clearly, but you will also be able to exercise gently. Unpretentious and a lot of heart!

Shake your inhibitions

In addition to your body, of course, you must also give up your mind. Before you even jump on your vibrating exercise machine and turn it on, clear your brain. Don’t think about what you just eat. Don’t think about what you still have to do to work. Don’t think about what to do for your vacation. Step onto your vibration machine with an open, empty mind and let the exercise soothe you in mental stability. This is perhaps the most important tip on this list. If you don’t, everything else will make no sense.

To stay healthy

But what about once you finish your session? What should you do now to stay mentally fit? Stay healthy, of course! Each facet of your health is interconnected. If one fails, the rest will also fall. If you want to remain mentally fit, you must remain physically fit and emotionally fit. Eat better with proper nutrition. Focus on the things you love. Eliminate all unnecessary thoughts on which it is not really important to dwell. These are things, aside from whole-body vibration training, that you need to keep doing.

To stay mentally fit, it’s not just about the mind. Sometimes your physical exercises can also work wonders. Especially when it’s a workout like whole body vibration training.


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