Libra is at 7th place in zodiac system ruled by the Venus star in the range of dates September 23 to October 22. It comes to us from Libra’s symbol that the personalities of this star always strive to develop balance and harmony in the relations. Librans are the artistic persons with very positive aesthetic sense that is very helpful in various departments of designing.

The Libra birthstone is gemstone dedicated for Libra. Libra Birthstone Color for different stones of this month are different but selection of the color depends on the wearers but the traits for all birthstones of this month are approximately equal with a miner difference.

Different Libra Birthstones with Traits


If you ask a person who has a little bit knowledge of birthstones about the Libra Birthstones, he will reply without wasting time that Opal is the main stone for Librans. This stone has the following characteristics.

  • Opal generates inspiration power and makes the Librans positive that is very necessary to stimulate the growth in any wake of life.
  • Opal is very good for those people who are suffering from discomfort in sleep and very helpful for the Librans from nightmares.
  • Opal is good for protection from accidents and to handle the negative circumstances in the relationships.
  • Librans are blessed with the good luck if they wear the opal birthstone for long duration.

Lapis Lazuli

  • This gemstone focuses air elements around you and creates high level of mental tranquility in the Libra personalities.
  • Librans avoid confrontation to save their genuine state of mental tranquility. When you achieve good state of mind that is full of peace, you will express your opinion in better way. Moreover you will be more diplomatic and civilized.
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  • Librans preferably use this gemstone to sanitize their energies and to concrete their working stamina.  
  • This stone is known good to cure nervousness and anxieties and change them into positive state of mind.

Tiger’s Eye and Citrine

  • Along with development in stamina this stone assists the Libras to develop a balance and harmony between the internal and external energies and finally because this creation in their personalities people feel optimized results in their works. The wears feel this change throughout the day and they feel potential power to handle the situations
  • Citrine assists the wearers to reduce the sensitivity in their personalities and make them able to face challenges of life while the others are doing criticism on them.
  • Libra birthstone dishes up milestone energy to create a proportion in all professional and social assignments.
  • Handling tricky situations with establishment of positive energies is one of the main traits of the Libra Birthstone.


  • Aquamarine is a Libra Birthstone that is sign of tolerance and on each following day it promotes attribute in the Librans.
  • The work of this stone with your zodiac sign cultivates open mindedness in you as Librans trends to be judgmental.


  • Rose Quartz is good in relation management as it is feature of all Libra gemstones.
  • In first precedence it promotes an attribute to love yourself to flourish your potential energies then in second phase this personality feature is developed in others. That is why we say that Librans are caring nature wise.
  • It promotes decision power and very helpful for Librans to get rid of confusions and people used to stay in the present moments.
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  • This stone is very beneficial in doing struggle in new experiences of life with calmness and peace.
  • It has found good in relation management and always welcome positive and peaceful negotiations for broken relations.


  • This birthstone assists the Librans to reduce their stress that has developed in them because of different concerns of life. Moreover, it enhances the effects of the medicines that Librans use for their health care.
  • Another good effect of this gemstone is that it assists the wearers in removing the diverse negativities in daily life affairs and moreover it is remedy for anxieties, fear and stress.


  • In a look this birthstone has no alternative and other hand it has mystical and magical power.
  • This stone is recommended for those who are suffering from leukemia.


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