What is the Among Us theme download? How do we get it? Does InnerSloth do it? – Curious !! You can get all the clues in this article.

Currently a new search element is marketed in Google, related to the game Among Us that is most famous in the Philippines, the United States, Indonesia and India.

For the folks who don’t know about this game yet: a US-based studio, the brainchild of InnerSloth is Among Us. It has a multiplayer mode as well as a single player option.

More about Among Us:

The game will start in a lobby where you can customize your character or game. It can be denoted as a crew member or impostor. If you are the crew member, you will win this game by completing the assigned tasks and finding the imposter. If you are an impostor, you will win this game by killing the crew members and the unresolved obstruction.

Following the Among Us theme download, Among Us game specifications:

• Publisher name: The publisher name is InnerSloth.

• Launch: The game was launched in the Android and iOS version on June 15, 2018 and in the Microsoft Windows version on November 16, 2018.

• Developer Name – Developer is InnerSloth.

• Designer: The designer is Marcus Bromander.

• Developer name: The developer is Forest Willard.

• Engine: the engine is Unity.

• Name of the artists: The artists are Amy Liu, Marcus Bromander.

• Platform: the platforms are Windows, iOS and Android.

• Mode: the player will have multiplayer game mode.

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• Gender: Gender is party and social inference.

What does “Among Us Theme Download” mean?

After garnering immense attention in this Covid 19 pandemic, various fan-made versions are released. Different play modes, 3D modes, themes, wallpapers, songs have been created. Among Us has become the best game ever played in the Philippines, the United States, Indonesia, India.

Currently a new theme has been released, where the developer mentioned that Among Us fans will have the opportunity to customize their devices wallpaper with the Among Us theme wallpaper online. Let’s review the features of this app-


• After downloading the application, while selecting the new tab, you receive a new wallpaper.

• Below the search option, there is an affiliate link that includes exclusive offers.

• In the Among Us theme download, you can customize the weather and climate option by setting and clicking ON or OFF.

• Set the background as the default by clicking on your favorite background.

• You will get a shortcut to change the wallpaper.

• Refreshing also makes the wallpaper change.


After launching the game in 2018, the character was often featured in social media memes; However, the popularity has grown rapidly in 2020; Numerous fan-created versions have been released along with themes and wallpapers. A themed app recently released by other sources got an immense reaction from fans.

People give positive feedback on it as they said they love this app. If you haven’t tried the Among Us theme download yet, go ahead and give it a try.


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