If you are using Facebook, you probably know that the social media platform is full of heavily censored content. Most of the posts and videos are mysteriously removed and covered with different warning information. They are reviewed and verified by an independent fact-checker, and most of the posts were deemed false. So users are now looking for better alternatives, like MeWe and Parler. Let’s look at the criticisms of Mewe vs. Parler.

Facebook, Twitter, and other major platforms are having their unique problems. Facebook is considered the oldest social media platform that seems to be doing nothing at the moment.

Social media platforms are subject to unlimited negative headlines, especially after the 2016 presidential election and the spread of false news and facts. He has urged people in the United States to seek better alternatives that are unbiased and offer better opportunities to socialize without the proliferation of false news and facts.

What is Mewe and its highlights?

Before we go any further to know the difference and the main benefits of Mewe vs Parler, we need to have a close understanding of each social platform.

MeWe is the social media platform and the best alternative to Facebook. The application is easy to install and highly protected. It is free of sensor content. The application allows you to monitor the behavior of other users and adjust the settings so that only your friends and your contacts can send a request.

The application does not allow illegal content. Some of the highlights are:

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• The app has no ads or spyware.

• Good algorithm and censorship

• Data verifiers and facial recognition

• Allows you to post voice messages, videos, GIFs, images, text and stickers

What is Parler and its highlights?

The Mewe vs Parler review won’t be complete without mentioning Parler.

It is a popular social media platform similar to Twitter and is commonly used in the United States. It is the right-wing platform that only supports conservative content and removes illegal content immediately. Some of the highlights are:

• Ads and no spyware

• Facial recognition

• Censorship

• Good algorithms

MeWe vs Parler – Detailed Comparison

MeWe Parler

MeWe is the best alternative to Facebook. Parler is the alternative to Twitter

Allows monitoring who is accepted as friends Does not allow censored content

Adjust settings to accept only your friends’ contacts Easy to set up and use

Remove pornography and illegal content automatically. It has both democratic and liberal content and users.

Facial recognition, censorship, fact-checkers Best algorithms, facial recognition, spyware and malware-free

Personal data is safe and secure. Personal data is not sold, it is safe.

Final thought

The Mewe vs Parler comparison shows that social media platforms have similar characteristics but with few differences. However, both social media platforms have received positive responses and comments from users, especially those concerned about their details.

Both MeWe and Parler promise to keep user data protected and follow the best standards and censorship. All illegal content is immediately removed by the administrator, offering only a secure socialization platform.


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