Instagram is an opportunity for everyone to present their work. It’s like a visual smorgasbord. It’s actually a place where you build your audience. For a designer, it is a platform to attract new customers for your work. Mentioned below are some of the ways designers can use Instagram to their best advantage without being overtly promotional:

Be consistent – It is extremely important to be consistent with your messages. Each designer has his own style. In some cases, followers get to know the designer when they see an image. It is therefore essential to strengthen consistency so that your subscribers can identify with your thinking process. Some creators also buy likes to extend the reach of your posts
Build a story – There is no better way than Instagram to build a story. The stories bring out a deep story. They are the best way to reach a wider audience without risking being copied.
Approach your Instagram handle as a business tool – In the social media scenario, Instagram is considered a business tool. It not only lets more and more people know about your work, but it also exposes your latest developments as a designer.
Create relevant hashtags – Create exclusive and interesting hashtags for your design articles. This will increase the popularity of your Instagram handle. Try to post when most of your subscribers are online. Encourage your subscribers to use your hashtags as this will increase the popularity of your posts.
Boost Interaction – Interactions can expand the reach of your messages. You will be noticed by more followers, and this will provide opportunities for collaboration. Usually, for increased interactions, people have contests and gifts. It’s a good way to get followers on Instagram.
Use your insight to understand what the public likes – A designer can easily assess what their people like from their Instagram posts. This allows the designer to create designs according to customer expectations and needs. These lessons can be incorporated into future posts.
Use only high quality images – It is extremely vital to publish only high quality images as they are truly representative of your design sensibilities. There are several designers who click on beautiful images of their designs because they are sneaking all the details about the lighting. You can publish once or twice a day to create maximum impact.
So here are some of the ways Instagram can be used as a tool to elevate the popularity of a designer. Designers have to promote their work on Instagram themselves, as this leads to customer growth. Be regular with your messages because keeping in touch is the key not to be forgotten. A designer cannot afford a break on Instagram, as this will greatly affect your engagement.

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