Of course, a gift for Mother’s Day is always a good idea to shower your mom with all the love, especially on the day dedicated to her mother’s day. However, gifts are not the only way to express your feelings to your mother or to make her feel special. There are many other ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, such as spending quality time with your mom. No gift can match the gift of time.

Depending on your mother’s interests, you can plan certain activities that will allow you to have fun, share conversations and create lasting memories. We have put together a list of adventures and indulgences that your mom will enjoy. Try coupon codes in CouponKirin for Mother’s Day celebration!

1 Plan a weekend getaway: Mother’s Day lets you be impulsive! Book a weekend in a place where your mom has always wanted to go. If her soul is in the mountains, the hilly areas are perfect for relaxing in the summers, but if it is more of a beach, you can search for places with exciting oceans and sandy beaches.
2 Prepare a dessert together: you know, she loves dessert at heart. Therefore, Mother’s Day would be incomplete without sweet desserts. Every year, you surprise her with a special delivery of cakes for Mother’s Day. This year, go the extra mile and prepare something together. This is the best chance for you to learn some secret cooking tips from it.

3 Pamper her divinely: it’s her day, and she deserves all the well-being. Start the day with her favorite breakfast in the morning and let her sleep a little longer. Then send her to a spa where she can relax and unwind. In the evening, take her for a snack or dinner at a restaurant.

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4 Treat yourself to adventure sports: enjoy the warm weather in May by spending the day outside. Feed adventurous souls by going to a water park or hiking. You can also turn the day into a family reunion by inviting the whole family.

5 Go to a concert: If you live in India, every day is an opportunity to go to a concert. Give your mom the night she will remember for years as a gift for Mother’s Day by taking her to a concert. Groove and move all night.

6 Make a toast: Make a toast to his fearless, compassionate and loving spirit by taking your mom to a brasserie after dinner and enjoying a drink together. You can also have a drink at home if you wish. To make the moment special, order personalized champagne flutes engraved with your mom’s initials.

7 Spend time shopping: your mother has the best sense of clothing, why not take advantage of it by taking her shopping. Head to a flea market or brand name mall to add more to your collection. While she’s busy chasing stuff, surprise her with a bouquet of flowers with a heartfelt note written by you, just like the Bollywood style.

We hope these ideas work for you. Make the day extremely special and memorable for her. She deserves it!


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