To achieve a successful UPSC result, you must be at your best. Since the requirements of the IAS job are broad, the curriculum and studies are. You are expected to remember everything you are studying because questions can be asked from anywhere in the exam. The depth of the program is also an endless tunnel.

An SAI officer goes through many extraordinary situations during his tenure. In addition, there is corruption in our country which erodes our society from the inside and makes the lives of our officers very difficult. Political pressure is also a challenge they face in their daily lives. Working in such an environment is not child’s play and if you dream of becoming an IAS officer, you must have a very solid mindset. You must not crack under any pressure. We often discuss the mindset of aspiring IAS and IAS when preparing for the UPSC exam, but you also need to learn how to practice these values.

Life is more about social service in civil services. Although this post is used a lot for misuse, honesty remains in society. There are many IAS & IPS officers who work tirelessly to change society. They are not bored even if they are transferred to the most distant village in India. They don’t complain if they don’t leave properly because of endless work. Their approach is to do something for the good of society and our country.

These SAI officers do not compromise on their values ​​even if they face difficult challenges. It is their strong state of mind that keeps them going. If their responsibilities are entrusted to normal people, you can understand the result. Therefore, UPSC exams are one of the most difficult exams to pass. However, with constant efforts, it can be broken.

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Prepare like an IAS

A solid mindset is very much needed well before taking the UPSC exam. Your state of mind is a determining factor that decides the outcome. You should think like an SAI officer even if you prepare. This helps you understand the mindset of an SAI officer. You have to focus on character building from the start. If you are a parent and want your children to prepare for the UPSC exam, set a good example. Encourage them to be part of society and also let them participate in social events. Giving space helps them learn faster.

You should have the innate values ​​of society to become an IAS officer. Defense and public service students always have the upper hand, but this is not always true. It depends on the students whether they learn these values ​​from their family or family or whether they want to learn on their own. But without values ​​and the rank of officer, also called OLQ in terms of defense, it is difficult to take the UPSC exam.

Try watching the IAS Questions interview by Toppers to understand the mindset of an IAS officer. You can also follow the interviews with Ted Talks. This will give you an overview of how a person should qualify for the IAS exam. You can also take the help of IAS coaching institutes in India. Although it is not necessary that you choose coaching for all subjects if you are weak in a particular subject, you can also follow coaching.

IAS coaching also helps build your character and they instill values ​​in you. However, choosing good coaching is difficult. There are many best IAS coaches in India and almost all of them claim to be the best. However, identifying the best IAS coaching in Bangalore or any other city in India is confusing. Try to do proper research before finalizing the coaching center.


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