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Human resources is evolving at a speed faster than ever imagined. Employers today are more concerned about HR performance more than ever. From managing administrative tasks to being a strategic business function, human resource professionals have come a long way. They are expected to be more strategic to contribute in the growth of the business. While this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the evolution of human resources, there’s much more business expect them to be. Consequently, HR jobs will undergo transformation too.

Below are five predictions for human resources for the next five years. 

  1. Shortage of talent 

Technologies such as blockchain, data science, etc. will grow in demand. Universities and college education still haven’t matched the quality of talent that employers look for. Many jobs will undergo transformation which regular people are unable to do. Companies will start preparing talent by training, workshop, e-learning etc. Additionally, baby boomers are moving towards retirement, which will leave vacancy at their place. HR will look for replacements. However, these replacements are expected to be under skilled. Employers will need to set up suitable ways for skill development. HR professionals will need to think of a sustainable and scalable approach to meet talent needs. 

  • Social media recruiting 

LinkedIn and other talent-oriented websites have put recruitment on the online landscape. Employers are using ad hoc methods for finding talent online. In the coming five years, Employers will find ways to streamline recruitment using tools and systems online to get access to millions of profiles on the internet. HR professionals will be expected to be more social media –savvy and tech savvy.

  • Employers will focus on leadership development  
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So far professional development has been focused on C-suite and top level managers. Training for mid-level managers largely focusses on developing skills and competencies required for their current role, instead of developing skills that will help them to grow in their career. Employers will focus on the development of competencies and preparing for the future leadership roles by offering training in various leadership groups.Gamification, tablet, screens will make these programs more enjoyable, diverse, and engaging at the same time.

  • Leadership model will change 

We’re increasingly seeing employees move laterally within the organization instead of vertically. This has brought significant change in the way promotions happen at a company. According to SHRM, learning and development will see major change in the coming years. Learning and development will be the integration of coaching, organizational development, and performance management. Growth

5. Employers will focus on employee engagement

Employee engagement is a key factor for employers to retain employees. Employers will focus on redesigning their culture to meet the expectations of a multi-generational workforce. Millennials after all are looking for work experience and not career. Employers will work towards integrating work culture, employee benefits, workplace relationships, and employee recognition programs to build a holistic strategy to improve the employee experience and engagement. HR professionals will need to think of ways to do so effectively. HR jobs will reform accordingly.  Leadership will be more thoughtful of the needs of employees and actively engage in talent development for the future.

Wrapping up! 

Like any other business function, human resources is expected to evolve with the needs of the business and employee. HR professionals need to realize the contemporary needs and adapt themselves accordingly to contribute effectively in the growth of the organization.


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