As stress is normal in every person let’s look at why stress happens and how to manage it? Stress is our body’s way to respond to any kind of threat. When we sense any kind of danger or demand we will face threats. Stress can also help us to meet challenges.

Stress is a feeling of being not able to cope up with the situation. Stress gets chronic when we are not able to keep it under control. Stress can be emotional, physical, or mental reactions. 

Every person has to deal with stress in their span of life. If we often feel overwhelmed we are going to face the stress that has a negative impact on our health. Stress is a part of our life. There are many ways to manage stress.

Stress has a positive impact on us as well if we have perceived control. We will be able to use this energy to help us to get our work done and achieve our goal. There are so many reasons because of which we feel emotionally weak.

Causes of Stress

Our brain is not good at understanding the difference between emotional and physical threats. If we have an upcoming exam, presentation, work deadline from work, or an argument with a friend, our body will react in a way as we are facing life-threatening situations.

Stressors are the situation that makes us feel the pressure. Every person has a different reaction to the situation even if both of them are facing a similar situation. Stress is a synonym for life.

Stress does not always happen due to negative conditions like lack of time, losing a job, and major life-changing. In fact, we can feel stressed if we are going through some exciting situation like getting a new job, the first day of school, or buying a house.

Stress is not always injurious for health. Stress sometimes motivates us to achieve our goals. It gives us strength and is able to get more work done.

Some people experience stress due to past traumatic experiences they have faced in life.

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Stress Management Aid

Although, there are many ways to manage stress. We can learn to tackle stress and live our lives up to mark. If we do not know how to handle stress, it will affect us for a longer duration of time. It can also interfere with the daily activities of our life. So there are many actions we can take as individuals to cope up with stress.

To banish stress completely is not possible but to minimize it we have to follow some strategies. A few of the stress management tips are as follows:

Realizing a Problem and Working on it

An important measure to deal with stress is to look for its cause. Identifying the root problem of our stress. When we are done with this, look for ways to eliminate it. Sort the problem with a practical solution. Take small steps to improve it. Things that do not have a practical solution leave them because nobody has them under their control.

Make a plan for the problems that we can address. We should be choosing a realistic approach to the solution of the problem. Getting aid in this process will not make you any less as a capable individual or won’t it make you feel inferior.

Support System

Having a group of friends or family who is cheering for you at every step of life is important. The support system by friends or family is of great importance because they act as a mediator for our soul.

Friends or family is the person who understands us and does not judge us. They help us stand back and fight when we are losing personal control. They aid us to believe in our capabilities. They are the people we can count on.

If we get isolated we are not going to buffer ourselves from stress.

Positive Mindset:

Every person has their own difficulties in life. But there are few who have perceived control. This is a life that means trials and tests. However, it is on us how we are going to behave when we feel frazzled. Believing in our own self is a core part to cope up with stress. Self-assurance is significant, otherwise, we are at the mercy of our situation. We had to have a positive attitude towards things that life throws at us.

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Practicing gratitude will help us to achieve optimism.

Self Care

The way we feel about ourselves has a great impact on us. Self-love is very important for us as a human. If we trust our capabilities then we will see a problem as a challenge rather than a threat. We have to program our minds with an optimistic attitude. Rather than telling ourselves, “Things are never going to get better for me?” let ourselves tell us “I am going to make things better”

Living is giving us chances. Take a step and embrace the challenge. We will be soon ready and able to deal with stress. Giving our mindset hope. Working to build our self-esteem high.

Exercise and Healthy Diet

Exercising is an awesome start to manage stress. Walking, jogging, or any workout will boost our mood. It will also help our body to release endorphins. Even small-time workouts can make a difference.

A healthy intake of a meal will help our body reduce the risk of diet-related medical disease. We should take the proper amount of nutrients as well as minerals and vitamins, a healthy amount of intake of water.

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Stress is normal in our life, but taking it seriously will affect our health. Taking prevention from it is the best thing we can do. Stress can have more effect on inside our bodies.

When we are facing stress the best possible solution is to look for strategies that will help us to deal with it. Once things are under control, we will be able to pull through the next situation. Taking your time and giving yourself a break is a must thing.


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