There are certain surgical procedures that whether you have them or not it will have very less effect on the health. But if you have them it will provide some advantage. This goes for both men and women equally.

The Surgical Procedure of adult circumcision

The adult circumcision in men is one of those surgeries but there are many men all around the world who are advocating that everyone should have this surgery because it gave them many benefits. This circumcision surgery is the removal of the extra foreskin that when pulled up covers the whole tip of the penis.

Who are eligible for the surgery?

Only the male members of the society are eligible for the surgery. During the early days the procedure was performed on new-born babies and young boys. But today men of all ages are fit to have the surgery.

Adult circumcision in various religions and cultures

This circumcision surgical procedure is very ancient that dates back thousands of years. The presence of it is indicated in Egyptian wall paintings. But this was done only to show that the men doing it can endure extreme pain.

Religious Ceremony in Judaism

In Judaism the procedure of circumcision is celebrated like a ceremony. It is a part of a religious ceremony. The circumcision is either performed at home and synagogue or even in hospitals. A religious man called mohel who has medical training can do the procedure.

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Importance in Islam

In Islam the circumcision surgery is performed on infants as well as young boys. This can either become a celebration or not; it is up to the country’s cultural settings.

Across African cultures

Initially this procedure is part of many tribes and cultures that are scattered around the African continent. It is a ceremony which indicates that the boy is now ready to enter the manhood phase of his life. There are big celebrations to commemorate this ceremony.

What goals can be achieved?

Whenever you are trying to convince others to follow your example; you have to give them logic and justification about that thing. Same is the case with circumcision procedure you have to give a valuable analysis of the goals that you can achieve.

It is a religious ritual

The two main religions of the world Islam and Judaism demand that the men be circumcised. So men who enter these religions have to be circumcised by clinics like Circumcision Center. The religion to which they are converting demands it.

Beautifying the appearance

On other occasions the men can get into complex that females are more attracted to other men who have undergone this surgical procedure. They think that they can also become popular if they have the surgery; beautifying their appearance.

Reasons why men advocate adult circumcision surgery

But the main central reason as to why men advocate having the circumcision is because of the many medical conditions that can be avoided through it. This is for the most important of all reasons; which can help in the following ways.

Eliminate the possibility of penis skin conditions

There are various penis skin diseases that can cause problems in men. The most common of all skin conditions that can be cured by circumcision surgery are;

  1. Skin Swelling called Balanitis 
  2. Balanoposthitis
  3. Paraphimosis 
  4. Phimosis 
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Lowers the danger of penile cancer

This is the rarest form of cancer in men but they can be exposed to it. When the dangerous fluids get trapped underneath the skin then tumorous cells develop. But when the men have the surgery then the development of these cells are minimum.

The decline in STIs in both male and female

There are certain viruses, bacteria and parasites that can cause different STIs and STDs in both male and female.

  1. Genital Warts
  2. Chlamydia
  3. Gonorrhea
  4. Herpes
  5. Hepatitis B
  6. HPV (Human Papillomavirus) …
  7. Molluscum Contagiosum
  8. HIV & AIDS

The devices and techniques used

Many people think that circumcision surgery involves only one technique or method. In the beginning there were just one or two techniques. But as science has developed so has the procedures of the surgery. The surgeons have two ways of performing the surgery.

The traditional way of surgery

The doctors use two kinds of surgical techniques. There are three cuts; the Dorsal Slit, Sleeve Section and the forceps-guided method. These are the traditional ways of performing the surgical procedure.

The use of other latest devices

Men also have other choices of devices that are safe in every way. They have to be used only on one person. The patient suffers minimal to no blood loss and they feel no pain at all.

Taking care is easy as well

After the surgical procedure adult circumcisionlike all other surgeries it has to be taken care of. Some people think that it is really difficult but in reality taking care is extremely easy.


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