Yes, it’s not a bad idea to take a mutual for your French Bulldog! Given the costs of veterinary treatment and medicines to relieve your dog or guaranteeing one’s health at any age and time in one’s life could even become a wise decision.

The costs covered by a mutual can concern both the so-called preventive costs (vaccines, deworming, etc.), but also consultations, various radios and medicines that can sometimes make you hesitate, as the prices of veterinarians can be deterrent!

Depending on the formula you have chosen, your dog’s mutual health will cover these expenses by paying you some or all of the bill.The dog mutual market is a booming sector. And it’s true that it can be a little difficult to find out, given the differences in coverage and the paragraphs that insurance companies can’t help but put in place.


Follow our advice.The recommended solution to find the best mutual dog is to compare the different dog insurance that exist on the market to avoid nasty surprises.There are a large number of pet mutual comparators on the internet and they will help you to see more clearly and to choose from the many existing offers.

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However, be able to identify and compare the key elements of a dog mutual, so that you can judge with full knowledge of the facts what is proposed to you.


The age or breed of the dog: compare the minimum and the maximum, if you wish to insure a dog of 3 months or 10 years, this possibility should be offered. Ditto for breeds, as some dog breeds may be more or less fragile. The waiting times:this period proposed by the mutuals corresponds to the period between the purchase of the insurance and its effective assumption. This can sometimes range from simple to double depending on the institution. And in fact, too much delay can make the mutual not really profitable.

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Franchise rates: open your eyes too, as some deductibles can be simply prohibitive.

The formula that can best suit your dog’s needs. In general, dog mutuals are offered in three ways: a basic formula, an intermediate formula and a high-end formula called all comfort.

Optional warranties: in general, we don’t pay much attention, but look carefully at the options that can push up the rating. Contributions and ancillary fees: here too, you can have less good surprises with a file opening fee in particular. Rates and repayment times: they are as important to look at as estimating your remaining dependants. Exclusions: this is often where the traps hide! Because if these exclusions relate to acts your pet needs, it is because it is not the best mutual for your dog.

The terms of termination. The term of the contract is one year. And this period can be extended by tacit renewal. If the insurer wishes to break the agreement, it must notify the owner of the dog in writing between 1 and 3 months before the anniversary date of the contract for the renewal of the contract for a further period of one year. It’s the same if you’re the one who wants to terminate the contract. Beware, termination conditions can actually be penalizing if your dog is very often sick.

All these criteria remain to be mastered in order to obtain a custom contract. The best dog mutual is the coverage that adapts as much as possible to your requirements, your dog’s health needs and your budget.

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But beware, the only criterion should not be the financial aspect, because you must find good professionals with whom you will be able to exchange and be well advised, if necessary. When your pet is sick or suffering, you are psychologically affected and will be less able to judge this kind of thing, so as much anticipate. You can also ask your vet for advice, who can also guide you in your decision.


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