For those new to Reddit, let’s just say it’s the biggest news aggregator on the internet with over 2 billion page views per month and over 34 million unique visitors. Of course, with statistics like these, it’s only fitting that Reddit is the target of more or less effective advertisers and marketing campaigns. If you take just one sentence from this article, you should remember this one: “Don’t market on Reddit without knowing the community well and working with it to create value-added content for it.” Reddit customers are particularly allergic to advertising and include a community that is much more efficient in their internet use than average.

On Reddit, any user can submit any type of content to the site. Registered users then vote on the content by liking the content with the up arrow or not liking it with the down arrow. Reddit’s algorithm then gives visibility to the content based on the number of upvotes or negatives and the time since content has been submitted. Content that receives a significant number of positive votes can end up on the main page, which will ensure that the content has between 50,000 and 200,000 visitors as well as dozens if not hundreds of links to the source of the content.

 The subreddits:-

Subreddits are Reddit communities dedicated to a particular topic. With the tremendous growth of Reddit in recent years, some of its communities have grown into the largest topic-specific communities on the entire Internet. The most popular subreddits have over 1 million members and cover a wide variety of topics.

Global portrait of Reddit users:-

It is almost impossible to paint a comprehensive portrait of Reddit users without falling into generalization. However, it is possible to detect certain tendencies which are heavier than others which allow us to give an idea of ​​the typical Redditor. Also, it should be understood that each of the subreddits may have a completely different population than the general population of Reddit. buy Reddit accounts cheap users come to the site to consume content, interact, and be entertained, not to be buried in advertising.

  1. College education
  2. Know the internet culture and the memes
  3. Mostly young (18-35) men
  4. Very active on social media
  5. Often pioneers in the adoption of new technologies
  6. Critical and very cynical of forms of online advertising
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Why Marketing on Reddit?

If Reddit is allergic to marketing, why would you want to do it on this platform? Quite simply for the following three reasons:

The Viral Potential: Thanks in large part to the democratic system of Reddit, the visibility of the content depends heavily on the reception of the content by the redditors. The source of the content plays only a small role in the virality of the content. This gives everyone an almost equal chance of success on Reddit as long as the content is creative and engaging.

Targeted users: Thanks to the segmentation of communities performed by subreddits, it is possible to potentially target the largest community on a particular topic across the Internet.

Syndication Potential: As Reddit is a hub for tens of thousands of online influencers, often the content posted benefits from global syndication across many sites online and even a few times offline. For example, we have already seen content end up in prestigious newspapers such as the New York Times or Forbes .

Effective models of marketing on Reddit

Paid Advertising on Reddit:-

For those who want to start using advertising on Reddit without having to worry too much about it, it’s possible to buy ad space without leaving your shirt there. The performance of your campaign may vary, but we have often seen campaigns achieve spectacular results versus other display networks. To run a campaign on Reddit all you need to do is:

Submit a title and URL you want to promote

Decide how long your campaign will last as well as your total budget

Decide if you want the campaign to be on all of Reddit or on specific subreddits


Wait two days for moderators to approve it

Then, once your campaign is ready to go live, Reddit adds up the total ad amounts for the day and divides the impressions pro rata. To compensate for the fact that you only use a subreddit, your ad will get a big boost to the size ratio of the reddit you are targeting (the smaller the subreddit you are targeting, the more your share of impressions on that subreddit will increase. i still do not understand, you can check out the explanatory cartoon made by The Oatmeal .

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If you have an advertised product or service that caters to a large audience, you should target all of Reddit in order to get significant coverage. Of course, your product or service should have the majority of Reddit’s audience as its target audience.

For those targeting a more specific audience, you should use targeting on subreddits only.

Remember that Reddit users can comment on your ads so it’s important for you to be as neutral as possible if you don’t want negative feedback from the community.

Organic advertising on Reddit:-

We won’t repeat it often enough in this article, Reddit users are allergic to all forms of marketing and are well educated on the internet to spot attempts at disguised ads. Reddit owners, moderators, and users have been fighting spam fiercely for years. So how do you go about using Reddit for marketing purposes without alienating the community and having some success? Simply by adding value to our content for the Reddit community and having something that is truly of interest to the targeted community.

Understanding Content Marketing:-

To get the best results on Reddit, you need to approach your marketing strategy by giving something of value to the Reddit community early on in the planning. This doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve your goals or those of your customers, but if you don’t constantly keep in mind to deliver value to the Reddit community, your strategy is at high risk of being a complete failure.

Providing value on Reddit is as easy as providing content that is interesting, useful, and viral. Your content shouldn’t look like a sales pitch. Content can come in any form, but graphical content usually works best. It is extremely important to produce content that is as unbiased as possible because if your content sweats marketing a little it is highly likely to be a failure.

For this reason, organic marketing on Reddit is a bad idea if you have a branding or general visibility goal. However, this is a great idea if your goal is to add diversity to your link building campaign.


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