Uber announced Monday that its engineering team in Hyderabad is working on the first steps in integrating restaurants for Uber Eats around the world, such as eating food menus, paying experience and compliance.

According to the company, the team designed products using computer vision and machine learning (ML) to seamlessly integrate restaurant menus. Its agile technology is now speeding up the process of integrating a wave of restaurants on the Eats platform.

“Because of the COVID-19 epidemic and its dire effects on the way people move and buy food, we have a deep responsibility to harness our minds and technology to help people meet this challenge, “Haider Sabri, global engineering manager at Uber Eats said in a statement.

In March alone, the team experienced a tenfold increase in requests to integrate restaurants from the United States and other global markets.

In January, Zomato acquired Uber’s food delivery business in India as part of a stock deal for almost 2,500 crore rupees and Uber will hold a 9.99% stake in the delivery platform of food products led by Deepinder Goyal.

Meanwhile, Uber India has announced “Uber Essential” to facilitate essential travel for Mumbai residents amid the ongoing national foreclosure. In the coming days, the service will be extended to other cities across India.

To operationalize the Mumbai service, the company is working in partnership with the city’s traffic police and has identified a fleet of vehicles selected for pickup and return from and / or to city hospitals.

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