Traveling the miles by bicycle was like a tradition in past times, however, as a result of technological innovation, the love for cycling had faded away. All thanks to fitness influencers and sports studies with the help of which now ‘Cycling’ is a new buzzword in the modern world. Interestingly, people have begun realizing the significance of paddling on their health and consider commuting to work by bike.

Thus, if you are a commuter and do not yearn to change your attire when arriving at the workplace, here we bring a little surprise in the form of commute shirts.

Let’s dig a little more about it!

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What Are Commute Wears?

Cycling is kind of a vigorous exercise that ends up sweating when done for a long-time or long-distance. That’s where the usefulness of athletic clothing enters the scene which provides comfort during the workouts.

Keeping the notion of versatility in mind, commute wears are specially designed to let the rider stay clean and fresh and prevent sweat to impact the personality. In other words, if you are wearing commute apparel while riding a bicycle to reach your office, you can jump right into there without changing the shirt.

Which Is The Best Material For Commute Wear?

Even though there are several other clothing materials for commuters, MERINO WOOL is the finest to offer both warmth and breathability at the same time. This especially holds true in the case of winters when you struggle to find the perfect mix of comfort, softness, and warmth.

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Below are the reasons why Merino wool is best for commute shirts. Have a glance!

  • Soft And Breathable

Merino wool is the natural form of fabric that comprises a little or no treatment of chemicals. Prepared by keeping in mind the aspect of naturalism, it is one of the softest materials that feel good to the skin. Besides, it also leads to immense breathability by absorbing the moisture and evaporating it in the air. Therefore, being both soft and breathable, it is the picture-perfect option to commute to work by bike.

  • Odor-Proof

One of the major concerns about reaching the workplace via commuting is the sweaty smell of clothes. Surprisingly, the best non-iron shirt, that is Merino, not just stays perfectly creased but also absorbs odor molecules from the sweat. Moreover, its quality of quick-drying does not allow the sweat to produce bacteria and thus let you stay cool and fresh.

  • UV Resistant

In case you are worried about getting affected by harmful UV radiations while cycling, merino cycling shirts are your top-notch solution. It absorbs the UV rays and protects you from all kinds of skin allergies. You can cherry-pick merino shirts for commuting and outdoor activities without any second thought


Commuting a bike to the workplace is a wise idea that acts in favor of your health as well as the environment. Therefore, if you are determined to work on your goals by keeping in mind the significance of your health, commute shirts can be your supporting partner throughout.


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