Custom eco friendly boxes are getting more famous with each passing day. These packages are the perfect packaging solution for shipping your products to the customers and still help the Earth in the best way because these boxes help in reducing the overall carbon footprint. For manufacturing these nature-friendly packages, materials like kraft, corrugated sheets, and cardboard are generally preferred. These materials are readily available in the market, and this helps in reduced manufacturing costs. These can be made in all kinds of shapes and dimensions. It matters on the product which is going to be packaged inside. Thanks to the print-friendly nature of these boxes, companies can use them to effectively advertise their brand and use them as the perfect tools to attract customers. These perfect packages help in satisfying the basic goal of accomplishing the three R’s in the packaging industry, which are reduce, recycle, and reuse. 

There is no doubt that custom eco friendly boxes are helpful in the printing and packaging sector. These packages not only help in packaging the product safely to the customers but also help in reducing the use of harmful materials like plastic. If you are interested I getting to know about more advantages of these packages, then follow below.  

  1. Helpful for the environment

The first and the most important use of these eco friendly boxes is that these are helpful to the environment. Over the past few years, the importance of such packaging solutions has skyrocketed. This is why biodegradable boxes in USA are preferred more. Let’s take a look at how do they help in saving the climate.

  • Free from Toxins

In the past, the traditional packages for products were being manufactured using chemically loaded materials, and this was the basic cause of the emission of poisonous chemicals in the air. The good thing about eco-friendly packaging is that it is non-toxic in nature and is manufactured using allergy-free materials. People nowadays are more concerned about what material is used for the packaging that they receive. This can not only affect the health of the planet, but it might be bad for their own personal health too. Therefore, by opting for environment friendly packaging Solutions, you give your customers to have a healthy life. These nature-friendly packages can be manufactured using the same machines, so it is not like you have to make an entirely new industry from scratch to implement the use of sustainable packaging.

  • Reduced Carbon footprint
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What carbon footprint basically means is that it is the total quantity of gas emitted into the atmosphere due to the actions taken by humans. The manufacturing of the packaging is not as simple as you thought. It all starts from the mining for raw materials and carriage, usage, and end of the life phase. Each of these steps contributes to adding a definite amount of carbon into the atmosphere. Green packaging applies various procedures to make sure that the overall quantity of carbon released into the atmosphere is reduced significantly. Also, it is important to note that when Eco-Packaging is being manufactured, it releases a minute amount of carbon into the air. Hence it is one of the best solutions currently present to lead the planet to a healthy life.

  • Reduced use of plastics

In the past single-use plastic bags were the only options for packaging products. Even though plastic and Styrofoam materials are convenient to use and are relatively cheaper to manufacture than eco boxes, but still these are negatively affecting the health of the planet. Apart from that, these are also responsible for the blockage of water drains and contamination of water bodies. It is affecting marine life too. This is why recyclable boxes are a better alternative. These can be used multiple times and are still biodegradable. So this will not result in blocked drains and contaminated water bodies. When the customers opt for using such nature-friendly packaging, they not only reduce the use of single-use plastics but also help in reducing the number of plastics manufactured yearly. This is why major companies are helping the reusable packaging providers to make as many as they can to help the world.

  • Cost-saving

Apart from the environmental benefits, it is also helping many businesses in saving a lot of costs. Until now, many companies that needed to ship their products to other countries or even at the other end of the country used solid wooden packages, which were heavy and cost more for shipping. Now thanks to the invention of nature-friendly packaging solutions, the companies can contact the sustainable packaging wholesale dealer for getting lightweight and yet durable packaging boxes for international and local shipments. This reduces the shipping costs by a great margin.

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Moreover, in the past, there used to be fixed sizes for the wooden shipping containers, but now thanks to the eco-friendly boxes design options, companies can manufacture the packages according to the size of the product. This also helps in saving costs when the shipping companies are considering the volumetric weight of the package. Also, the package that is specially made for the product is safer because there is no free space for the product to move inside the box.

  • Marketing opportunity

One other big advantage of using the nature-friendly packaging solution is that these are print-friendly in nature. This gives birth to the idea of having Custom Printed Eco Friendly Boxes. Companies design these packages in a way that these are the perfect tools to attract customers. They hire specialist designers to beautifully design their packages with attractive illustrations and vibrant colors. Companies stamp a logo of their brand, and their social media details are printed for the convenience of the customers. They also use these custom eco friendly packaging boxes to highlight the fact that they are in the war against non-eco-friendly materials. So the customers who are conscious about the environment support such companies more. 

The lack of concern towards the planet has caused harmful damages to it. Custom eco friendlyboxes are the perfect solution for reducing these damages and help the planet get back to its healthy state. If you have read it this far, then you have a clear idea about how these can help us more. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with an environment friendly boxes company and get started.


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