Erectile Dysfunction-ED is the name of the issue which is faced by men when they cannot attain or sustain the required erection in the penis which is vital for penetration and completion of the intercourse. Nearly2/5 of Australian men suffers from this problem. 

Erection results when the numerous systems in the body combine together. A healthy erection happens when the brain, nervous system, circulatory system, emotions and hormones all work together in a combined harmony. Thus the inability to erect can result because of an issue in any of the aforementioned system or organ.

There are numerous reasons for ED to take place; in the same manner there are numerous treatments and therapies to alleviate the detrimental impact of the issue.



Oral medicines are the most common solution provided for the issue. The generic versions widely used include:

  • Viagra and Levitra: they act as support to the natural process ensuring that firmness retains till the end of the intercourse. They are available in different strengths and mg depending on the case and the need of the user.
  • Cialis: This is a strong medicine. The effects of the medicine last for much longer, usually more than a day.

These medicines are available globally including Australia or you can order them by visiting this website with free delivery in Australia.

These medicines should be used after consulting with a specialist. The specialist may initially prescribe trials of different medicines so that the medicine which suits the user can be prescribed. For trials special packs like generic cialis apcalis are also available.

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An organic lifestyle may also bring about positive changes and can help in reducing the predicament. Movement and exercise of the body are one of the key solvers of ED. Walking for nearly half an hour in a day, along with performing exercises especially Kegel exercises not only helps in strengthening the pelvic muscles but also improves the blood flow in the penis resulting in healthier erection. Physical exertion also helps in sustaining a healthy body weight. Consumption of a healthy diet with all the vital minerals and nutrients will fulfill the deficiency in the body and further aid in reducing ED.


At times the core reason of ED is the low testosterone level in the body. In Australia nearly 29% of men above fifty, face this issue. The treatment involves topping testosterone in the body. This can be done with the use of a pill, injection or through physical therapy. The method selected depends on individual requirement.


CBT is the name given to a psychotherapy which involves talking to the therapist till the core issue is not identified. The communication done in a well set environment helps the patient in exploring himself and focus on the good points of life, these sessions help in alleviating mental stress which in turn helps in reducing ED.


This therapy primarily focuses on the sex life of the person. A detail talk about the personal life of the patient is made; the discussion revolves around close members and intimate relations. Any problems and issues in relationship are discussed and the therapist after detecting the core issue provides a solution to the patient. It is highly useful therapy for patients suffering from low self-morale and performance anxiety.

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The above mentioned therapies and treatments should be undertaken after a complete diagnosis from a professional. Erectile dysfunction is a treatable issue, with the correct and timely diagnosis, care and treatments you can surely achieve the desired success and sexual contentment back in your life.


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