Zoom Meetings

Record a session in Zoom

If you have a meeting, someone usually takes notes, when explaining a certain function to our customers via Zoom; it is useful to take notes, for example. The advantage of Zoom is that you can record a session. In the free version, you only have the option to record to your computer. After this, you can send the session to the participants via WeTransfer, for example, settings in a ZOOM meeting including record and share.

In the Pro version, you have the option to store 1GB in the cloud. If this is the only reason to take a paid subscription, we would advise against this as local storage and sending works fine.

You start the recording by clicking on Record at the bottom of your image and choosing where you want to save. After the meeting ends, the session will be converted to MP4 and you can distribute it.

Tips for Zoom meetings and webinars

Breakout room:  are you used to dividing the participants into groups during your training sessions or do you want the option to split a large virtual Friday afternoon drink into smaller groups, then it is necessary to indicate in the settings of the host that you want to allow breakout room.

Raise hands:  previously we wrote about muting the participants’ microphones to prevent a cacophony. A handy feature that Zoom has built-in is ‘raise hands’. Just like in the old days at school, raise your hand if you want to say something 😉

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Chat:  the chat is switched on by default for a meeting. As a host, you still have the option to leave the chat partially open, for example only a large chat box for all participants so that participants cannot chat among themselves. Use this to structure your meetings and prevent people from wandering.

Virtual background:  Do you want to go through life as a digital nomad or just hide all the clutter in your living room or office with a Zoom Virtual background? Then this is the ideal solution for you. Go to the video settings and choose a virtual background. In the next meeting, you come from the beach or with the northern lights in the background. Incidentally, does not work completely flawlessly, but is mainly fun. Do we also need it at this time?

To use a virtual officebackground you may need a sturdy video card. If your laptop or telephone is not sufficient, Zoom will indicate this itself and you can make limited or no use of virtual backgrounds. 

Privacy and Zoom through the Facebook link

Through Charlotte from Charlotte’s Law, I got the tip that Whereby.com is preferable to zoom to organize an online meeting as unsolicited data would be sent to Facebook.

On March 28, an article from Zoom was posted where you can read that Zoom has made a new version of the app where this link has been removed. So no more data will be sent to Facebook if you are using the latest version of the app.

We are absolutely not privacy experts and can therefore not guarantee what will or will not be forwarded. What we can conclude is that the data was mainly used for the targeted presentation of advertisements to users of Zoom.


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