The largest bank in Spain, Santander, in its official Twitter account, announced the beginning of cooperation with Ripple. But the information was incorrect.

When asked by the user about the use of the xrp price prediction token for making payments, the bank said that they really use this token for making international payments in 18 countries of the European Union and the USA. They also noted that support was implemented through the One Pay FX application for the iPhone.

Most cryptocurrency holders gave a good reaction to the statement made by Santander. However, a small portion of users noted that this news in no way affected the growth in XRP trading volume.

A little later it turned out that Santander simply gave out erroneous information. Bank representatives explained this by the fact that they had some misunderstanding and for this reason they gave incorrect data. One Pay FX applies exclusively to xCurrent.

xCurrent enables Ripple users to make payments using fiat and digital currencies. Ripple has a similar product that allows you to perform similar operations for XRP, it is called xRapid.

Users believe that the bank tried to manipulate the cryptocurrency market.

New verification system at LocalBitcoins

The well-known peer-to-peer site LocalBitcoins has released some data regarding the new user verification process.

A week ago, LocalBitcoins changed the procedure for registering new members of the site.

On March 18, 2020, LocalBitcoins introduced a new way to register users. Now users will have the opportunity to verify basic information during the process of registering an account. This innovation will positively affect the search for trading partners, increasing customers and the obstacle to creating fake accounts.

In addition, LocalBitcoins will do some work to change the user verification system. The new system will have four levels of accounts, which will vary in the volume of transactions with Bitcoin price. Corporate users will receive their own verification procedure. LocalBitcoins is convinced that their changes are quite appropriate, due to the fact that accounts can be classified according to a variety of indicators.

The LocalBitcoins representative announced that very soon it was going to publish some additional data revealing the essence of the new system.

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In addition, the company reports that on March 13, 2019, the Finnish parliament approved a new law, which states that cryptocurrency platforms must meet the AML criteria established by the state financial regulator. These standards will begin to apply in December 2019, so that crypto assets will receive legal status.

Legal status will help spread Bitcoin as much as possible.

Jeffrey Skilling is about to start a crypto business

TWSJ reports that former Enron CEO, Jeffrey Skilling, met with several prominent personalities in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. This happened because Geoffrey Skilling intends to establish his own business within the blockchain industry.

The publication reports that Skilling is trying to find partners to create a new business that is directly related to the energy sector. Little is known about the new project, but this platform will allow investors to access projects related to the oil and gas industry.

Enron went bankrupt back in 2001. Before the bankruptcy, its shares were placed on the NYSE, and the staff amounted to 22 thousand people. The company was a leader in the production of electricity and transportation of gas, communications and pulp and paper production. In addition, Enron traded in futures and other securities.

In 2000, the company received revenue of $ 100 billion. Then this company was considered one of the most innovative in the world and the most innovative in the United States. And so it went on for as long as 6 years.

But in 2001, the fact of falsification of financial statements was revealed, which led to the bankruptcy of Enron. In 2003, the movie Scam of the Century was released, which describes the last days of Enron.

Jeffrey Skilling spent 12 of the 24 years in prison that were assigned to him by the court. He ceased to be the head of Enron back in 2001, leaving her a couple of months before bankruptcy. The founder and Skilling were arrested back in 2004. They were charged with fraudulent activities and tricking auditors.

BMW and Intel will oversee blockchain startups in Singapore

Tribe Blockchain Accelerator has partnered with BMW Group Asia, Intel, and Nielsen.

Cooperation will allow companies to share their own experience with numerous blockchain startups.

BMW Group Asia intends to conduct a series of lessons, which will reveal the basics of using a distributed registry in high demand. Intel Corportaion will advise startups involved in business and technology development. While Nielsen is going to develop a sandbox that will help startups test new solutions.

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And we recall that the Tribe was created in December last year. The founders of the project are the South Korean ICON Foundation and the Singapore branch of PwC. The company is going to implement blockchain solutions together with ConsenSys.

eToro got support for Tron

An eToro investment site with an audience of over 10 million has announced the addition of Tron support.

This news was distributed by the founder of TRON Foundation, Justin Sun.

He noted that Tron is the 15th asset available on the eToro site. This asset can be bought using Visa, MasterCard and even

The official eToro blog reports that TRX has CryptoPortfolio support, which enables depositors to open diversified portfolios in one click.

In addition to the Tron cryptocurrency, eToro also supports BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP, ETC, DASH, XLM, NEO, EOS, ADA, IOTA, BNB and ZCash.

The Tron cryptocurrency has a capitalization of $ 1.5 billion and holds the 11th line of CoinMarketCap.

Vietnam will open a regulated cryptocurrency exchange

The Linh Thanh Group, together with the Swiss blockchain startup KRONN Ventures, signed a memorandum of understanding and then received a license that will allow them to create the first regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Vietnam.

Representatives of the company report that their site will be able to become a world-class cryptocurrency exchange.

An official press release said Linh Thanh Group’s partnership with KRONN Ventures will impact neighboring Asian countries.

Vietnamese authorities did not comment on this news, so the status of the new platform remains unknown.

It is worth recalling that since January 1 of last year, a ban on the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are equivalent to illegal means of payment, has been in force in Vietnam. Violators can be fined $ 8900, as well as go to jail.

Last day of Bitmain IPO application

Exactly six months ago, the mining industry giant Bitmain applied for an IPO at HKEx. However, today, March 25, this application should lose its force.

To submit the application, Bitmain submitted financial statements to the HKEx committee. But for 6 months, not a single hearing was held on the application. If before the end of today Bitmain does not issue an official statement, the application will cease to be valid.

In order to re-register the appeal with HKEx, Bitmain is required to disclose information about the financial statements for the 3rd quarter of last year.


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