Ring Fit Adventure Review

Let’s face the fact first, that quarantine made some of us very lazy. We completely forgot about our health, and we only tried to pass our time doing almost nothing; moreover, sitting ideal, and eating whatever we wanted. Here you will have Ring Fit Adventure Review.

This unproductive lifestyle is not suitable for us at all, and we need to be conscious of our body also remember to have some enjoyments along the way. That is why the Nintendo ring fit adventure comes to play.

This game’s idea is based on having exercise and also having fun doing it. Getting gamers, mostly who are children, to do exercise is not more than punishment to them. So, Nintendo came up with this game that lets you and your children exercise but as a video game.

How Ring Fit Adventure Motivates

This game gets you off the couch, motivates you to play the game, and it is for you to have your daily workouts. The gameplay is fantastic, and once you play it, you will want to play more and more.

The ring fit adventure game will seem like any other basic video game, but you will start seeing the results once you start playing it for two or three days. And if you are a person how likes working out or doing exercises but did feel motivated to do so, then this is for you. As you start seeing results, you will start getting motivated and focus more on what you eat, how many steps a day you take, and how much exercise you are doing daily.

The gameplay is featured so that, if you start playing it, we will find it more appealing, and once the results show up, you will do it more. Moreover, like other video games, you will feel a little bit of headache if you play for a long time. Still, this game allows you to have your physical exercise, reducing such an unwilling and unwanted body and mental pain.

Another thing is that if you are a competitive gamer, then the further you level up, the stages keep getting harder and harder to play through. Which makes you want to play more, and the more you play regularly, the exercise you do in a day.

Ring Fit Adventure Review 

Ring fit adventure is a Nintendo game designed for you to have the necessary exercise you need in a day in the disguise of a video game. It is an exclusive switch controller and takes cues from both Nintendo Wii Fit and Wii Fit U.

This game’s primary focus is fitness and making the player active; however, unlike other games, it disguised work out in an adventure, story-based, monster hunting, fighting, and exploring gameplay. The developers’ out-of-the-box thinking makes the game more fun to play even though you are doing your regular physical exercises.

This game is advertised as an RPG based game, although it is a fitness game. They did it to market the game more so that more gamers would simultaneously engage in play and exercise.

Gameplay Ring Fit Adventure Review

The gameplay is impressive with muscular dragons, monsters, obstacles, challenges, superpower, and so much more; moreover, the game’s graphics are WOW in one word.

This game is an RPG fitness game for all of you gamers out there. In the game, the main character will be played by you. You will meet a mysterious talking ring, and together, you will fight against dragons, monsters and go through different types of challenges along with the gameplay.

The game intends to play on a Nintendo switch. If you want to play it, you will have to attach the lag straps to your thighs included in the package. You will also get a ring that allows you to control your player in the game. In the adventure mode, when you start the game, you will have to jog to move your player or make it run in the game; moreover, you will have to dodge and pass the obstacles by doing various workouts such as – squats and by squeezing the ring in your hand.

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The game is just full-on rage attacks. You also have to defend like any other RPG game. If you want to protect yourself from any enemy attacks, press the ring–con controller into your gut. This method will block the enemy attack and reduce the damage you take from their attacks.


The game is fitness-based, so there will be many different exercises that you will have to do to play the game. The games offer more than 30 plus workouts, assigned to different kinds of attacks and defenses.

The exercises that you will be doing are into multiple categories. These categories are across the whole game in different parts. You will be focusing on almost all the parts of your body, such as – legs, arms, chest, and shoulders.

At some point in the adventure, you will be doing squats to slide or dodge the obstacles. It does not end there; you will be doing bow pulls, overhead lung twists, thigh presses, chair poses, knee to chests, hinge posses, and more. These workouts will be in the shape of a challenge. For example – if you want to run, you will do jogging; if you are looking to dodge an obstacle, then squats, defend an attack, and then bring the ring to your belly.

These are the workouts that are squatter around the game and will appear like a challenge if you want to level up; moreover, the more you reach, the higher levels you go, the challenges or exercises will get harder and harder.


This game comes with a ring – con controller. It allows you to control your player and also helps you to perform different exercises. The ring – con is a circular exercise ring, and the build is for creating tension in the muscles. This ring connects to the Switch.

The next joy-con is for the legs. It is a leg strap for you to de squats or any other leg workouts in the game. This strap detects motions in your legs and balance; moreover, this strap is the thing that sends signals when you do specific leg exercises at certain points of the game.

Now, the main part that all the gamers are waiting for, the boss fights or battles. In any battle, you can choose attacks and fight your enemies by doing some different exercises. You can choose what the enemies are weak against; moreover, you get the option to select any attack from 30 different styles. These attacks will be conflicted by doing specific exercises assigned to that attack. The more perfectly you do your workouts, the more accurate you will get with your attacks and deliver more damage.

The ring – con is used in some exercise. It is to squeeze to do different activities that unleash attacks of your player and defence. When you press the joy-con senses that motion and pressure and grades them according to that.

Workout customizations 

Even though the game is for you to exercise, you do get the flexibility to do some of your customizations. The developers gave you to adjust according to your needs and not force you to work out.

When it comes to customizing your workouts, you can change the difficulty settings in the game. It allows you to perform successful attacks without worrying about being accurate with your exercises. The game’s design is if you want to deliver a successful attack, then your workouts need to be precious. So, by lowering the difficulty, you defeat your enemies quickly.

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However, we recommend increasing the difficulty, which makes the enemies stronger, and you have to precious with your workouts to deliver a massive attack. That is why you have to exercise for longer. This game will help you with your health; you can count on that.


Every person playing any game wants one thing, that is to play this with their friends. But, it is a turn off that the ring fit adventure does not offer a multiplayer option.

The game features only one player at a time. It cannot be played by two; however, more than one player can set the game up to where you can see each-others scores, customizations, and preferences, but two or more players in a single adventure mode are not possible. But you can compare scores with one another from your Nintendo ID, but unfortunately, there is no option for multiplayer such as – lan.

Issues with the Game

Though the game concept is impressive, in my opinion, there are some issues that, as a gamer, I want less in a video game. The same goes for this game too. For example –

  • The video game offers more gameplay time than the exercise. It may be seen as more gameplay the better, but the game’s primary purpose is to encourage us to get off the couch and do regular exercise and play a small video game along the way.
  • The story development in the game is too much, in my opinion. Almost every time after a level, you will see a few minutes of the story. There is where the villages and the ring – con have a chat, which if you ask me is too much story. I see this as an issue because this gap allows the heart rate to slow down, making the effects of exercises less on the body.
  • You can skip the conversations by squeezing the ring – con, but you will have to wait. You will squeeze and wait, and again and again; this back and forth lowers the heart rate as you are pressing and waiting.

Tips that We Recommend 

Playing this is something that you need to play and discover by yourself; however, we do have some tips that we recommend you try during your adventure gameplay with Ring Fit Adventure Review –

  • Use the fit skill only when they are recommended and go up to three dots.
  • Set up a heart replenish exercise. This method will allow you to go through levels without wasting your time on smoothies.
  • Use the skill points that you earn. This point unlocks newer exercises.
  • Save the ingredients that you find for the smoothies.
  • Do not skip the gym challenges. Complete them every time it appears. These challenges will unlock side quests, which will help you earn more points; moreover, some new outfits. The outfits improve your performance against enemies in the upcoming levels.
  • Adjust the difficulty of the adventure mode. It will make your gameplay more difficult and will give you the chance to do more workouts. Only do this if you feel that the game is not challenging enough.


Conclusion for Ring Fit Adventure Review

The game is a perfect combination of workout and fun. The game’s design allows anyone to have regular exercise and play a video game simultaneously. In comparison to any other fitness game out there, this, to me, seems more effective.

The game means to give you challenges and push you during your workouts. It is perfect if you want to exercise daily. We all need that push from something that will motivate us and push us to be more productive with our bodies.

If you are a fitness guy and also love the game, then the ring fit adventure is the perfect game for you that will allow you to do both in one single platform.


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