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With technology evolving fast and streaming its way into each facet of a business venture, the need to integrate it within business processes has become more important than ever. Receiving returns for their sales is a central point of focus for a majority of businesses, as cash plays a critical role in furthering their vision and meeting their objectives. As a consequence, any given retail business requires an electronic point of sale (EPOS) system, owing to its ability to connect the back-office and shop-floor operations, resulting in creating a streamlined retail management process.

An EPOS system plays a key role in enabling a retail business to maintain control over its operations. By helping entrepreneurs manage their business effectively and by improving their customer experience, an EPOS system essentially speeds up processes, which may otherwise take days or months, if done manually.

With technology at its core, the system help entrepreneurs have an all-embracing vantage point, which empowers them to fix loopholes, set new benchmarks and enhance their consumer experience. However, for most businesses, given their unique circumstances, buying an EPOS system isn’t a wise decision to make. Thus, in such conditions, opting for the ‘EPOS rental’feature is a far better option, as it fulfils their short-term needs, yet doesn’t create a dent on their long-term expenses.

The Importance of an EPOS System

Understanding how certain businesses can’t make substantial financial investments, One World Rental offers businesses the option of renting out technological devices. Harnessing their software and technological expertise, we can provide EPOS systems that can support business throughout an event, with ease and convenience. It facilitates a variety of events like training sessions, festivals, workshops, corporate events, and wine and food tasting sessions – offering efficiency for a business struggling to piece together the required elements.

  • Convenience At Each Step

These systems are compatible with Android phones, iPads & iPhones. They easily enable businesses to make instant payments and receive next day payments in their business accounts. Accepting contactless and chip payment from a majority of debit and credit cards, these systems enable the business’s customer to not worry about holding onto cash for making purchases. With convenience, both for the business and the consumer at every stage, an EPOS system is an essential part of business operations.

  • Accuracy Powered By Technology

By facilitating accurate sales transactions and by uploading and analyzing data in its precise form, an EPOS system allows a business to save time and money. This system helps businesses in unimaginable ways, as tasks such as tracking inventory and tracking sales and taxes are no longer to be done manually.

  • Security & Improved Cash Management

With the current economic factors and a cut-throat business environment, it is important for businesses to consistently keep up their guard. Failing to protect their interests, can impact the sustainability of their venture. By relying on an EPOS system, they can ensure they don’t overspend and overstock, owing to the ability of the system to provide accurate stock control data, leading businesses to make well-informed decisions.

  • Track Success Of Marketing Campaigns & Gauge Product Performance

Post pushing out any product into the market, an EPOS system plays an instrumental role in showcasing results to a business. Gathering real-time data, the system indicates the best-selling product, identifies products invaluable to the business and evaluates whether a promotional strategy has worked or not. Identifying details and patterns of product consumption, it sketches out an overview for a business necessitating an insight into its target customer base.

  • Grow Profits & Compare Performance

Stagnancy is not the objective of any business. Failing to make use of data or analyzing data in an inaccurate manner leads a business to lose the scope of progressing ahead. By gathering credible data retrieved from an EPOS system, a business can eliminate fraudulent activities, can compare performance against its competitors and can increase profits. Staying within the bounds of their limits will not allow a business to nurture itself, hence utilizing an EPOS system empowers a business to set higher goals, by relying upon reliable data.

  • Portability

Unlike other heavy machinery, an EPOS system is portable and more cost-effective. Having the liberty to carry it around and set it up anywhere, it allows a business to stretch out its business prospects. Thus, be it setting up at a farmer’s market or setting up at a gala, a business can amplify its revenue opportunities by setting up shop where they desire.

  • Reach Out A New Customer Base

With the ease rendered by the ‘EPOS rental’ option, businesses can use data from their EPOS system to retrieve email addresses for generating newsletters, for setting up loyalty programs and for creating gift cards. Through informed decisions, they can increase the presence and visibility of their brand image, and in doing so, can reach out to a new customer base.

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