Here is an inspirational story of an Indian Youth who is a Chemistry teacher turned Motivational Speaker, Story teller & Micro Video creator with 7.5 Million + social Media Followers (Youtube:-1.12Million / Tiktok :- 6.1Million / Helo App :- 350k / Instagram :- 65k / Facebook :- 30k).His small motivational & Knowledgeable videos are creating an Impact and changing lives of many Individuals & giving them reason for life.He himself & his life story is a Motivation to all the youth who want to do something big in their lives.

At a very young age he is financially stable & owned a home in Metro city like Bangalore. He is an investor as well. Now the question is how he has achieved so much at such a young age.

According to him the answer is “ If you can dream it, you can achieve it ”.

Story starts when to get some job or some work he Shifted to Surat (Gujarat) in 2015.In the initial 6 months he did nothing but read spiritual books & Novels .

One day when little money was left, he went out for a job & gave a resume. Finally after two days he got to know that there was a requirement for a chemistry subject teacher.

He had studied chemistry a long time ago.He did not want to teach chemistry but he had no choice left. So he started learning chemistry again from youtube and other sources . & finally when he had given a demo,students really liked his teaching style & that was how He started his chemistry teacher journey & then he never looked back & because of his hard work and his teaching style in 2018 he got an offer from a renown Institute of India & he started teaching there.

One day he realized that there were lots of students who couldn’t afford these coaching and at that time the craze of online teaching or learning from youtube video lectures was increasing.So he thought to take a risk for the students. He started working on the idea of “uploading free chemistry video lectures” and for that he had to quit his job.

So He left his job and started uploading videos on youtube free of cost for the students & because of his teaching style he got famous on youtube as well & right now he has uploaded 1300+ chemistry videos & 300+ motivational videos on youtube & have 1.1 Million + subscribers on the channel.

He is now one of the most famous online Chemistry faculty in INDIA.

Vedantu (A leading Bangalore based Edtech in INDIA) is also helping him to fulfill

His dream of #coachingfreeindia #educationforeveryone.

In November 2019 he has decided to improve the lives of our youth and people of India. So he has started making and uploading small 1 minute impactful informative and life changing motivational videos on social media platforms like Tiktok,Helo-app,Instagram,facebook,youtube.

& in 5 months he has uploaded around 300 small motivational informative videos & that is how he has achieved a huge fan base of 7.5 Million+ followers on these platforms who are transforming their lives by his videos.

He has received a Golden Play button & Silver play button by Youtube.

He is awarded as most emerging Youtube Educator & Youtube Star by T-Con Bangalore.

His name is Arvind Arora & students call him A square 🙂


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