Preparation is the key to successful, high quality industrial and manufacturing painting outcomes. Poor preparation can lead to major issues including inadequate adhesion of paints and finishes to product surfaces, the introduction of contaminants such as dust and grit, difficulties with curing and poor-quality outputs. In the worst-case scenario, this could mean having to repaint or even recall whole batches of manufactured goods – costing you money, reputation and credibility.

The finish of your products reflects the professionalism and quality of your processes and goods. Once your reputation is impacted by a batch of poorly prepared and finished products, it can be difficult to regain ground in a competitive environment.

The design, construction, installation and use of preparation booths is an essential consideration to deliver quality final painting outcomes. It starts with understanding the overall manufacturing or industrial painting objectives for your business – what are you painting, how big is it, what preparation processes and materials are required, what is its end use and what finishes will you be using. It is also critical to understand how the preparation booth will fit physically in the overall process flow. Finally, employee safety is paramount concerning both the movement of componentry and issues such as ventilation and management of hazardous substances.

Generally, whether you are involved in manufacturing or refinishing, you will likely have quite specific preparation requirements which will mean you need to take a customised approach to design and construction of your preparation areas to deliver outstanding results.

DRYSY Spray-cure is a bespoke engineering company that specialises in manufacturing and industrial painting solutions.  Theydesign and construct a wide range of preparation and work booths suitable fora large variety of the activities required by manufacturers and re-finishers.

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DRYSY Spray-cure has a range of off-the-plan solutions for preparation booths and we design and constructs a full range of preparation facilities and components, including:

– masking and tack-off booths;
– preparation booths;
– dry and wet sanding booths;
– sealer booths;
– inspection areas;
– spot repair booths;
– waxing booths;
– black-out booths.

However, because of DRYSYS broad expertise in manufacturing and industrial facility design and construction, and their specialisation in painting, their expert team are widely recognised for their customised and bespoke solutions. DRYSYS starts with developing a deep understanding of your requirements, designing the ideal solution and then project managing the construction, installation, and commissioning of your facility.

DRYSYS final and important point of difference is that they take a partnership approach to their relationship with clients, continuing to provide support and advice even after they have delivered your customised preparation booth.


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