Does your computer or laptop hang while uploading a file? There may be problems with outdated technology on your PC. However, Trojan virus, cache, temporary files, and unauthorized websites are the main causes of system crash. My Clean PC Reviews Cnet is the most searched slogan on Google and other search engines.

Many free and paid applications enter the United States market to provide their technological convenience. However, “how useful are they?” is the real question. Some virus cleaning applications generate more malware on your system than you might expect. Check out our article to learn how to clean your system and protect it from the Trojan virus.

What is My Clean PC Cnet?

My clean PC is a free application that helps you remove cache, temporary files, and viruses from your system. It has been widely downloaded by users since 2012. After cleaning, it improves the performance and speed of your computer and laptop. Also, you don’t have a large file, which means you have easy access to a fully functional, non-troublesome PC.

My Clean PC benefits:

Getting all the information about My Clean PC Reviews Cnet is not an easy job. However, we pride ourselves on earning your loyalty. See the benefits you will receive after installing the software:

• Locate large files

• Identify temporary files, cache, obsolete and viruses

• Eliminate system crash problems

• Improve overall performance

• Suitable for windows 7 and 8

• The file size is small and easy to install.

• Fair price for a long-term solution

My Clean PC specification:

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• Additional requirements: none

• Category: Operating systems and utilities

• Date added: May 30, 2012

• File name: external file

• File size: 3.91 MB

• License model: free for trial

• Limitation: scan issues only

• Operating systems: Windows Vista / XP / 8/7

• Price: $ 29.97

• Editor: registry cleaner

• Release date: May 1, 2012

• Subcategory: Optimization and maintenance

• Total downloads: 1279

• Version: 1.0

• Website:

How does My Clean PC Cnet work?

In our Cnet My Clean PC Reviews, we found the registry store different settings and options for your windows. It locates accumulated data and files that are dangerous and obsolete, which comprise the security of your PC. By removing the above information, you improve the performance and speed of your operating system to a great extent. Lastly, it improves overall performance by reducing system hangs.

Customer feedback:

As the software is designed in 2012, My Clean PC Reviews Cnet suggests that it no longer works on Windows 10 or 10 PRO. With the advancement, users have up-to-date technology operating systems that this software does not accept. Also, app buyers are delighted with the price range and performance of their systems.

Final verdict:

If you use Windows 8 or 7, the application is suitable for your PC system. For modern computers, My Clean PC Reviews Cnet shows that it is a waste of money. Tell us what software you use to clean malware and temporary files.


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