toenail fungus treatment Houston

Toenail fungus is a challenging condition to eradicate because the fungus grows under the nail plate. Topical medications have a low success rate while oral drug therapy is about 70 percent effective. However, the potential of side effects, especially liver toxicity is very high. Sometimes the removal of the nail to apply topical medications or prescriptions which require regular blood tests could have dangerous side effects. Therefore, a podiatrist might recommend the use of laser treatment for effective toenail fungus treatment Houston.

If your toenails appear brittle, yellow, and thickened you might be suffering from toenail infection. These conditions worsen over time especially if not measures are taken immediately.

Laser treatment for toenail infections

The laser is efficient and effective in getting rid of ugly unsightly toenail infections. Depending on the severity of the condition laser treatment can treat with one-time treatment only. The laser releases a mid-infrared wavelength which penetrates through the nail bed and eliminates destructive infections. The body has time to revitalize and the nail grows clear, clean, and healthy.

During this treatment, the foot doctor does not use anesthesia. During treatment, there is no discomfort there is no pain, and it rakes around 30 minutes to treat. It is painless though you might feel a mild warm sensation, others feel nothing. After laser treatment, the results are visible within 2-4 months when you notice a clear new nail appearing as the affected nail grows out.

This laser treatment has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of fungal toenails. It is comfortable and safe controlled with little or no thermal effed on the nail, skin, and nail bed.

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How the laser does works?

The laser emits light energy which is absorbed by the water associated with the collagen and the focus is the color red. Collagen is a major component of the skin and the nail. The laser detects and targets to reach the appropriate temperature which will get rid of the toenail fungal infection. The laser is developed to be gentle on the skin making it a perfect fit for the treatment of toenail infections because the nail is modified skin. 

This procedure has been classified as cosmetic, or it is anesthetic and so most insurance covers do not cover it. After treatment expect to see changes on your new growing nail after 3 months and in 9 to 12 months a new nail will completely replace the infected nail.

Most patients are opting to get the laser toenail fungus treatment because it has a high success rate. a study conducted showed that after just one treatment more than 80 percent of the patients grew out a normal-looking nail with a healthy nail bed. It does not have any health or age limitations or restrictions. No adverse reactions have been noticed so far and it is safe with no side effects and no possible systemic involvement especially the kidney and liver. It does not affect the healthy tissue even during treatment.


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