Korean boy band, BTS has increased gigantic notoriety over the recent years. Their audience has gone global and no uncertainty, a large portion of their songs have been chartbusters. Their music video, Boy With Luv has now reached a new achievement of 750 million watchers and fans on YouTube.

BTS’ Boy With Luv crosses 750 million views

BTS’ 2019 music video Boy With Luv was a part of their mini-album, Map of the Soul: Persona. The music video was made in collaboration with pop singer, Halsey. BTS’ Boy With Luv has now passed over 750 million views. This is the second video by the boy band to arrive at this achievement. It likewise makes BTS the fastest Korean boy band to do as such.

BTS ‘latest video, DNA, reached 750 million views in one year, eight months and 21 days. Boy With Luv remains one of the most remarkable songs of BTS to this day. The song marked the start of a new era for BTS.

What made the success of Boy With Luv’s clip was the confusing choreography of BTS and the charm that the boys exerted throughout the video. The video clip still holds a special place in the hearts of all BTS fans. The song’s melody is known for its soothing tone.

In addition, BTS ‘recent album Map Of The Soul: 7 made it to the top 40 of the Billboard 200. The album has increased a huge fan base around the world, especially in the United States. The BTS album was released on February 21, 2020 and appeared on the list in first place.

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Evidently, this beats their previous document held by BTS DNA, which had taken a year, eight months and 21 days to collect 750 million views on YouTube. “DNA” was downloaded on September 18, 2017 at 6 p.m. KST.

According to the stories, BTS “DNA” has filed Korean pop pop Soth “Gangnam Fashion” and is the most commented video clip on YouTube recorded in the past. BTS DNA then garnered over 5.07 million comments, surpassing 5.04 million comments on Psy’s “Gangnam Fashion”.

It’s been over three years since DNA was posted on YouTube and subscribers are still commenting on the video. In addition, turning into the most commented music video on YouTube recorded in the past, BTS DNA will quickly cross 1 billion views on YouTube, as it has already garnered over 952.7 million views.

If the DNA exceeds 1 billion views, this will make BTS the essential Korean boy group to prevail and the third general Korean act after Psy (“Gangnam Fashion”, “Gentleman”) and Blackpink (“Ddu -Du Ddu-Du “).


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