‘Queries that make all interested trekkers to Himalaya curious amidst Covid-19?’

Introduction and Overviews

Is it possible to trek in Nepal during Covid-19 Pandemic? An important query that needs to inform all trekkers. Where the answer remains somewhat reluctant at present crises, for interested visitors seeking solitude in mountain wilderness around Nepal Himalaya.

The Himalaya and Nepal are related close together, that blends perfectly well creating a magical and iconic adventure destination. Where thousands of adventurers and trekkers visit Nepal, all round the year as the main flow of tourism is trekking. Adventure tourism in Nepal, one of the main sources of the economy of the country as well for millions of Nepalese. Who are directly or indirectly attached to the tourism industry, the main flow of visitors is for trekking in Nepal

When it comes to adventure sports and activities, the best among wide world countries, Nepal comes first on the list. Among hundreds of exotic destinations on this planet, as all trekkers find paradise who are in search of perfect wilderness. It would be nice and wonderful, if it is possible to trek in Nepal Himalaya even during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Nepal can be a healing destination for most travelers seeking refuge and solitude around high mountains within a pristine environment.

Compared to other parts of the world, where villages in high mountainous areas of Nepal Himalaya are free and safe. From the invisible coronavirus, that took thousands of death tolls in a western nation, and as well in neighboring countries. Where Nepal Himalaya can be a haven for trekkers and all visitors who want to escape from the present Pandemic.

It is possible somehow to trek in Nepal Himalaya even Covid-19 is around

It might sound odd and dangerousfor some countries to make trekking possible in Nepal Himalaya. Hence, it can be done if the matter is handled with care and cautious, likewise with strict checking. Such as letting visitors into Nepal, only after a healthy medical certificate with a negative impact from Covid-19. Many ways can help Nepal, to bring back interested trekkers into the country. Thereby, supporting to bring back the dwindling economy and providing jobs for many young and expert guides.

For some travelers staying in quarantine for a week or more can be tough with limited holiday duration in Nepal. However, a medical and health clearance certificate might help trekkers to enjoy their adventure in Nepal Himalaya. Furthermore, if all visitors follow norms of the country from present crises of the Covid-19 Pandemic, might help Nepal. For instance, keeping the tourism industry alive, and back to its original routine which will be a dream come true.

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Wherefore, taking care of safety measures of the guest as well as surrounding areas, and the government must allow limited visitors. To enter the country, for instance on checking travelers’ recent medical history and background, that will be the safest way. The flow of tourism can only continue if the WHO (World Health Organization) and the respective nation makes new law and regulation. Where concern organizations can check with respective country safety measures, then make it possible to trek in Nepal Himalaya.

In comparison to low areas around crowded cities and towns, where higher Himalayan regions of Nepal are untouched from coronavirus. Thus, makes Nepal Himalaya a cure and healing destination, where people around the world are desperate for a change of scene.

Nepal Himalaya can be world first safe destination even with Pandemic around

Nepal, always been a safe country despite natural calamities like landslides, earthquakes, however, had not been affected by other diseases. Since the spread of Coronavirus that started from Wuhan-China, in late December 2019, most of the western world is in turmoil. From the spread of Covid-19 and slowly took hold in India, where thousands of Nepalese migrant workers in India were affected. When they returned home in Nepal carried the deadly virus along with them, and that caused the spread of Covid-19. 

Hence, the low land Terai belt of Nepal was affected, and still, however, most mountain high areas are safe. The crowded areas in cities and towns are in danger of widespread from Coronavirus, however, it can be controlled. There are various ways to keep the country safe as possible, isolation and Lockdown might not always work.

Therefore, the Government and all citizens have to realize the responsibility of keeping themselves safe as much as possible. Thus, only then the country will survive to make a safe destination amidst the Covid-19 pandemic around the world. The ancient history of Hindu and Buddhism describes how to stay fit and healthy, no matter how deadly the disease is. There is always a remedy and a cure to everything in this world, the only thing time and patience.

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That people need to search, where Himalaya had always been a natural garden for all kinds of rare herbs. There are high areas in Himalaya in ancient times hermits, sage, and monks of both Hindu and Buddhism religions. Made pilgrimage to the sanctuary of God the Himalaya, always being regarded as the abode of God and mountain spirits.  

Why not make Nepal Himalaya a safe trekking destination amidst Covid-19

Although it is not possible at present for the trek in and around Nepal Himalaya due to the high risk of Covid-19. However, we can always hope for the best that things get back to normal and make Nepal.

The first-ever traveling and holiday destination, despite Coronavirus around, can make it possible if people respect the country rules. Nepal can provide some help and encourage worldwide travelers the wonders of natural herbs, which are found all over Himalaya.

Who knows, some Himalayan herbs and fresh clean mountain air might be a cure for a healthy life. Thus, can be the answer to fight with Covid-19 whilst the whole world is in search of a vaccine for the cure. From the deadly Coronavirus, where’s in Nepal and some Asian countries, local medicine men are dependent upon local herbs. To keep fit and stay safe, as well as yoga exercise and meditation certainly might help to fight with Coronavirus.

It’s amazing to know that the spread of Coronavirus around major towns and cities or low land only. Where a dense population is, but the high hills and mountain villages are still safe with some minimum virus impact. Therefore, Nepal Government and Tourism Department needs to study how to make Nepal Himalaya a safe holiday destination. As well as the need to prove to the world that Nepal ready to allow visitors into the country.

Depending upon the areas of trekking around high Himalaya and its route keeping a safe distance from the village. As well as enjoying views and observing local culture and not missing any charm, beauty of Himalaya.


Travelers might be eager to visit Nepal Himalaya for various trekking destination, where one can escape. From the hectic busy city life as well from Covid-19 for a change after being in danger for some months.

Although, Nepal and most countries are not yet ready to let outsiders into their country, but hoping it won’t take long. Where some country in Europe like Greece has opened its door to welcome visitors, and hope Nepal will follow soon.


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