An essay is an engaging piece of composition that builds up an argument and narrative on proof, examination and understanding.

There are numerous sorts of expositions you may compose as a student. The substance and length of a paper rely upon your level, subject of study, and course necessities. In any case, most academic essays share a similar objective: They plan to convince perusers of a position or point of view through informed arguments.

Writing essay is not a simple task to do. For writing an impressive quality of the essay you must go through the intense research process and try to collect relevant information from the reliable sources. If you are a student you would be aware of the importance of essays but most of the student don’t have enough understanding about complete the structure of essay writing. In such situation searching for reliable essay writing service becomes the last option for them. In this article, we will discuss the structure of essay in a detailed manner and also explain how you can take online assistance for your essay writing task

How to compose an academic essay paper

The academic essay paper composing process comprises of three phases: planning, composing and correction. These stages apply to each exposition or paper. Nonetheless, the time and exertion spent on each stage rely upon the sort of paper – for instance, an individual proclamation, statement of purpose, secondary school or graduate school essays.


The introduction is a significant part of essay writing and it snatches the reader’s attention advantage. The introduction contains 10–20% of the whole essay writeup. To figure out how to compose an essay introduction, start by getting acquainted with its most significant objectives.

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1. Gain the attention of the reader by provoking curiosity and interest

The principal sentence of the intro should provoke the curiosity of your peruser. This sentence called a hook. It may be an inquiry, a statement, an astounding measurement, or a striking explanation accentuating the significance of the subject.

Suppose you are composing a paper about the advancement of Braille. The hook would be for this sentence

The creation of Braille denoted a significant defining moment throughout the entire existence of handicap.

2. Set your  theme

Once you have hooked the reader now it is imperative to give a theme that will enable your reader to comprehend your contention. This may include  background data, giving a review of significant scholastic work or discussions on the theme, and clarifying troublesome terms. Try not to give an excess of detail in the presentation—you can expound in the body of your essay

3. Characterize the target

Next, you have to explain the centralised theme of the essay. The focused explanation gives spotlight and signals your situation on the point. It is normal that your some couple of sentences can be long and descriptive.

4. Map the content

Finish the introduction by reviewing its structure.

Body of an essay

The body of your essay is the place you make arguments supporting your theory proclamation, give proof, and build up your thoughts. Its central purpose is to decipher and investigate the data and sources you have assembled to help your arguments.

Length of the body text

The length of the body relies upon the kind of paper. The body includes 60–80% of your essay.

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Passage structure

To give your exposition a reasonable structure, it is imperative to utilize passages and headings. This makes the substance readable and simple to process. Each passage ought to be revolved around only one contention or thought.


This is the final paragraph of an essay and it generally takes 10 to 15% of the text. While writing a conclusion you must make it small and concise and try to conclude or your augment in this section and this is how you can craft effective quality of essay assignment. But still, if you think that you are unable to produce the authentic quality of work in such a situation taking assignment help for essay writing task can minimise all your stress and help you to have good academic grades


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