James William Awad (@senior) is not an average businessman. James started coding at the age of 11 to build a video game. He ended up finishing this video game at the age of 12, but the game never came to the market because he knew nothing about marketing or sales. The main reason for starting the video game was his passion for programming. Most people don’t discover their passion at such a young age, but James has always been a little different. He was encouraged from a young age to think differently, and his mindset for business creation was always passion first, money second.

After starting his entrepreneurial career at the age of 11, he has continued to develop new skills and new businesses. His second attempt to make money was a freelance for companies around the world. He ended up freelancing for different people under a different identity at the age of 14. He had to fake his identity so that people would not know his real age. His coding skills were good enough to hire him from different companies around the world, but his age was the only thing holding him back. He was surprised every time he called a potential customer and they didn’t realize how young he was. It was his first look at the corporate world, and since he stopped working freelance, he hasn’t had a boss since.

Instead, James focused on creating his own businesses. His first attempt at working for himself was to find bugs in a video game in order to generate virtual currency in the game. He found a bug in a popular game to generate currency in the game in order to sell to a company in China that was able to pay him a healthy royalty for the currency he produced. They ended up selling this currency to people around the world until they were inevitably destroyed and the game figured out how to stop them from hacking the system. In fact, James even closed his bank account because they didn’t know how he made so much money at such a young age.

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Fortunately, the company was not for nothing, because he established a bond with a girl who ended up helping him in a new business. The new business ended up being an e-commerce business selling clothing over the Internet. He worked with factories in China to find clothes at a cheap wholesale price and custom-coded a website capable of converting to a healthy margin.

The main bottleneck of the company was the fact that all these factories had as many references and different products. James ended up coding his store in a personalized way so that he didn’t have to manually update each product.

Since e-commerce, James has launched several other businesses that have reached great levels of success. However, James’ biggest commercial venture to date has been TripleOne. He describes TripleOne as a decentralized company that rewards people around the world for their individual contributions to companies within the main TripleOne company. Having 13 companies under the TripleOne banner, James spends his days refining and innovating his system so that it can continue to grow faster and more efficiently. We are delighted to see what happens to this ambitious project and we only expect success for the genius of children.

James, advice for new entrepreneurs is to focus on their passion and dedicate their lives to the pursuit of excellence within that passion. He believes that anyone who follows his passion will have an innate advantage over his competition because of his ability to work and innovate anyone who is not as passionate about this business as they are. We expect that sooner or later people can work under the TripleOne banner to create businesses that meet their individual wants and needs. As a decentralized company, entrepreneurs with the best ideas and the best work ethic will prevail. James hopes he will extend the roots of entrepreneurship around the world to people who would not normally have had a chance to contribute to companies the size and scope of TripleOne and who would allow them to contribute.


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