How Can Commercial Cleaning Services Keep Their Employees Safe?

The problem of safety not only is a concern with the clients but also it is critical for the staff of the commercial cleaning services. Many companies don’t take the safety of their employees seriously and thus jeopardize the safety of the staff members.

Risks that employees are exposed to

There are several risks, dangers and hazards that employees are exposed to every day during their work. This covers both ends of the danger spectrum; ranging from minor incidents to major accidents that can be life-threatening. Most of these risks are faced when employees are in manufacturing industries and warehouses.

Dangerous working situations

The cleaning employees have to work in various situations that are dangerous because the areas that have to be cleaned have a lot of machinery and heavy equipment. Employees can bump into them and get hurt or they can go off unexpectedly.

Various hazardous chemicals

There are several industries and businesses that deal with various kinds of hazardous materials and chemicals. Many of these are so dangerous that they can ignite with the slightest flame or even with friction. Another possibility is that employees can get burnt from the chemicals as well.

Physical Accidents

The most common of all accidents that happen in the workplace is that things fall off and the people working there get hurt. The cleaning company employees can also fall from ladders, shelves and heights. These falls can be fatal or staff can have minor injuries.

Exposure to Coronavirus

The most recent treat in various workplaces is the spread of the Coronavirus. The cleaning companies don’t want their employees to get sick from it as the business of cleaning depends on the efficiency of their work. It is absolutely critical to saving employees.

The danger of being electrocuted

The janitorial employees have to work a lot with water, cleaning chemicals and other kinds of liquids. This can increase the risk of being electrocuted; as a result of exposure to the electric wires. The danger can escalate if the wires are naked and lying around on the floor.

The stress of working more

The psychological stress that is the most concerning is the long working hours in which the employees don’t get enough time to rest. This decreases the ability to concentrate on the work and workers may fall asleep during occupational hours.

Commercial Cleaning Services keeping employees safe

There are certain ways by which the cleaning companies like Jan Pro Atlanta can keep health and safety for cleaners when they are cleaning various commercial buildings. You can consider the below-mentioned points tips and suggestions to make sure that each and every member of the staff is working safely.

Hire employees with previous experience

It has been noted that employees with previous work experiences are trained to handle various dangerous situations. The best way to know whether the employee has the skill set that is required is either contact their previous employers or take a test.

Train the newcomers

If you are hiring fresh graduates and newcomers; then training of these fresh staff is vital. The cleaning companies must arrange for training sessions by professionals or the employees that have previous experience. They can also have on-duty training and get experience at the same time.

Give them safety kits

Each and every staff and employee must have a safety kit which includes goggles, gloves, full suit, hard hat and especially long boots. The cleaning businesses must make it a set and strict rule to implement that everyone wears the kit whenever they go to work.

Have their health insurance

The health safety of the employees should be the primary concern of the cleaning companies. For this purpose insurance and most importantly health coverage is needed. This gives security to the employees and they can work more efficiently and this pays for their medical bills as well.

Divide their work hours

On average a person can work 8 hours during the day. If the employees work more than that then they will become tired and exhausted. This affects the working of the staff. Don’t let then exceed the working hours. Divide their work into two or three shifts.

The equipment and tools should be legit and authentic

A big obstacle in the safety of the employees is that companies tend to use faulty equipment and products to clean commercial facilities. This is a big hazard to the lives of the staff members. Make sure that the tools the employees are using are authentic and legit.

Regular testing of Coronavirus

Monthly or quarterly screening of the employees and staff of the commercial cleaning services must be done to keep a check on the health of them. In the current situation testing for coronavirus is the most vital thing to do.


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