MS Outlook is a communication application created by Microsoft, which is broadly used for emailing, managing contacts and meetings. It is a very useful tool that enables us to manage each of our contacts,tasks along with email lists in an improved and well-organized way. All of the Outlook-related information is stored in a Personal Storage File. This file sometimes may get corrupted. The corruption can happen due to certain scenarios such as power failure, virus infections, header corruption and abrupt system shutdown. In these cases, you should use PST repair software to rectify the problem. Most of the best mobile application testing companies also offer the same feature.Once repaired, you can get back contacts, notes, journals, calendar as well as email folders like Inbox, drafts, sent mail through the damaged file.

Cases of Corruption in Outlook

Think about a scenario when you are dealing with Microsoft Outlook you could possibly come across Outlook failure due to different mistakes. In such a case error messages like “access denied” may be displayed. The main cause of this error message is PST file corruption because of power failure or incorrect shut down. When the PST file corrupts, Outlook is not capable of reading information from the file and thus displays the corresponding error message.

There might be another scenario where you might have sent mail to a wrong person by mistake. This mail might be confidential mail.There is a way in outlook where you can mend your mistake. This can be done by the option, recalling the mail. For this, you need to open the mail which you have sent. On the top bar there is an option called recall. Click on the recall option, then in the drop down there will be an option, “recall this message”. Click on the recall option.This will recall your message which means your message will be deleted from the inbox of the person to whom you have sent the message.

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This above option will be of use and will work only if the recipient has not already seen and read the mail. In case the recipient has already read the message the recaling is of no use. You will get a response after you have recalled a mail with the success or failure of this. In case recall fails you can ask the recipient politely to delete the mail.

The major reasons due to PST files get corrupted :

 Hard drive crash: At times unknowingly your hard drive can also get corrupt. Whenever Outlook PST file is preserved in bad sectors of the hard drive then access to those files become unattainable. This can lead to damage of Outlook PST documents, as it is stored on the hard drive. You cannot access any emails as well as Outlook attributes of the particular damaged PST file. For more information visit:

Network Device Failure: When there is fault within a network device this might usually lead to PST files corruption. A PST file resides on the network server and can be used from client pc through network links. If the network routers hubs, cables, cards, and any other devices constitute the network links have troubles, subsequently the PST file may get corrupted.

Improper Outlook shutdown: Sometimes Microsoft Outlook may be terminated due to power surge or due to abrupt shutdown. These kinds of scenarios may lead to corruption of PST files.

Significant features of the PST restore software:

This utility repairs PST files created in Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 and it also supports repairing of OST files


This application is capable of restoring deleted emails from outlook 2007.

Software can provide a preview of repaired items before we recover all items to a secure location

The PST files that are password protected could be repaired and its data information info files can be recovered by using this application.

This utility is one of the best applications for repairing OST files in Outlook 2007, 2010.

This software is read only, It just reads your Outlook PST file and stores all recovered emails in a new healthy copy of PST file.

You can use this tool on both professional and personal PCs, since it has a user-friendly interface.


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