About Obamacare

BIDEN on Obamacare: “Not a single person with private insurance would lose their insurance under my plan, nor under ‘Obamacare’, they did not lose their insurance, unless they chose they wanted to go elsewhere.

THE FACTS: You are wrong about “Obamacare.”

Then-President Barack Obama promised that if he liked his health insurance, he could keep it under his Affordable Care Act, but that’s not what happened to some.

When “Obamacare” went into effect in 2014, several million people lost individual health insurance plans that no longer met the minimum standards set by law. A backlash forced the White House to offer an alternative solution, but the political damage had already been done.

Health insurance is such a complicated area that almost any action can have unintended consequences.

About taxes

TRUMP on his taxes: “They keep talking about $ 750, which I think is a filing fee … Tens of millions of dollars (in income taxes) I paid up front.” On his China bank account: “I was an entrepreneur in 2013 and closed the account in 2015.”

THE FACTS: Trump is not being honest about his taxes.

Information from The New York Times, which obtained his tax records, contradicts his claims.

The IRS does not charge taxpayers a filing fee, although tax preparation services do. The $ 750 Trump paid in 2016 and 2017 in income taxes went to the federal government, not a tax preparation service.

It’s unclear what Trump is talking about in regards to prepaying his taxes, but what matters is what he ultimately owes the government. Americans often have income tax payments deducted from their paychecks. The Times reported that Trump, as of 2010, claimed and received an income tax refund amounting to $ 72.9 million, which was the core of an ongoing IRS audit. The Times said a ruling against Trump could cost him $ 100 million or more.

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Trump also didn’t close his Chinese bank account, according to Alan Garten, a lawyer for Trump’s company. He told the Times that the account remains open, although the company’s China office has been inactive since 2015.

In Russia

TRUMP on Russia: “Joe received $ 3.5 (million) from Russia. And it came through Putin because he was close friends with the former mayor of Moscow, and he was the wife of the mayor of Moscow. And you got $ 3.5. Your family received $ 3.5 million. Someday you will have to explain why. “

THE FACTS: There is no evidence for this. Trump is falsely characterizing a recent report by Republican Senator Ron Johnson, who investigated Biden’s son Hunter and his business in Ukraine.

The report does not allege that Joe Biden himself received $ 3.5 million or that Russian President Vladimir Putin had anything to do with such payment. The report also does not allege that Hunter Biden pocketed the money himself. The report says the sum went instead to an investment firm that he co-founded. Hunter Biden’s attorney has said in a statement to reporters that his client had no interest in and was not one of the founders of the firm.


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