Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States and There are 500,000 accidents which occur each year in the United States. Of this number, 5,000 are those that end in death. An accident can completely change your life. Since many drivers do not follow the safety rules of the road, they may be under the influence of alcohol, they go very fast and cannot brake, cell phone use, distraction, among other factors causing the road accident. While it is true that large commercial 18 wheelers are essentially motor vehicles, you must understand that 18 wheeler accident claims are quite different from common car accident claims – and are inherently much more complex.You can contact to 18 wheeler accident attorney in Houston to understand these complexities.

Here are some of the most significant differences between car and 18 wheeler accidents:

• Severity of injuries: Although serious injuries can occur with any automobile accident, they are especially common in accidents involving large platforms, semi-18 wheelers and other vehicles. The greater financial damage that accompanies these injuries may mean that the insurance company will fight the claim more aggressively.

Federal regulations:Although most 18 wheeler accident claims are dealt with under state laws, they can involve a complex interplay of state and federal laws. The 18 wheeler industry is heavily regulated at the federal level. Special “Service Hours” rules, for example, determine how long a18 wheeler driver can work before stopping to sleep. (Drowsy driving is a major cause of 18 wheeler accidents on interstates.) Other rules concern licensing, employment, maintenance and so on.

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Unique negligence issues: Like car accidents, most 18 wheeler accidents are caused by negligence. However, certain types of negligence are more common in 18 wheeler accidents, such as the use of medication, driver fatigue and negligent hiring or training. 

• Mechanical problems:Tractor trailers are much larger and involve more complex mechanics than ordinary vehicles. They represent unique risks, for example: Overturning the cab, collisions of runaway 18 wheelers, overloaded accidents, overturned trailers, etc. It is important to work with a lawyer who understands how these accidents happen.

• The parties involved:18 wheeler accident claims sometimes involve a long list of parties, which may include various corporate interests (18 wheeler companies, employers, various insurance companies, etc.).

• More sophisticated evidence: From complex medical evidence that requires expert testimony to “black box” recordings and electronic metadata, 18 wheeler accident claims often involve more extensive and complex evidence than typical car accident claims.

 Not all personal accident or auto accident lawyers work regularly with 18 wheeler accident claims. You can choose a law firm with extensive experience in handling specific 18 wheeler claims. Likewise, it is important to consider whether a law firm has sufficient financial resources to keep up with major insurance companies over many months or more. Our 18 wheeler accident attorneys at Zehl& Associates can help.


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