Some of the most common mistakes made by students during their academic journey and the reasons why you should strive to avoid them in order to attain academic success. 

There are several mistakes that students make when it comes to academics. It can be disheartening if you repeat the same mistakes you have been warned about. Most learning institutions are focused on completing the syllabus such that they do not find time to address the common mistakes made by students. If you have never been shown how to study effectively, how would you know how to do it? It is like expecting a person to drive a car without taking driving lessons. One clear thing is that it can be difficult and challenging to accept your weaknesses. You will always feel comfortable when they are swept under the carpet. Unfortunately, the longer you will take to address your shortcomings, the worse they will become. It would be less painful and much more comfortable in the long run if you accepted that you have weaknesses that you need to convert to strengths.

Writing assignments will occupy a significant part of your time while at school. At times, you may feel depressed or stressed out because of how your workload keeps increasing. You might be making a couple of mistakes when it comes to deciding on the activities to prioritize.  Other times, you may find yourself in a dilemma, not knowing which activities to address and those to tackle later. If you find yourself in any of the situations mentioned above, you should not worry anymore. The good thing is that you can always seek assistance from companies providing essay writing services. That way, you will have enough time to attend to other urgent activities. In this article, we shall discuss some of the common mistakes that every student should avoid. 

Time management

You might have heard it a couple of times the importance of managing your time well. Time is one of the most critical resources, which, once wasted, will never be recovered. Time management plays an essential role while at school, particularly when doing your research. Unfortunately, most students fail to manage their time well, and hence, they end up making avoidable mistakes as they try to compete with deadlines. When taking your exams, before you write anything, take the first few minutes to check the number of questions in the test and the amount of time you may need. This will enable us to know the amount of time you should spend on each question and plan accordingly.

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Relying on your tutor for everything

Whereas your tutor should provide you with 30% of the syllabus content, it is your responsibility to search for the remaining percentage. Unfortunately, most students expect to score exemplary grades by just attending their lectures, exam review sessions, and through studying the guides provided by the examiner. You ought to know that the lecturer’s notes aim to equip you with clues about what they believe is essential. Therefore, your class` notes can be a great starting place. Always remember that attending your classes and going through the lecturer’s notes does not guarantee that you will receive impressive grades.

Not having adequate sleep

We are all fond of hearing that sleep is meant for lazy people. Campus life is always so hyped up to the extent that students believe that they should spend all their weekends partying. Most students have developed a negative perception that the less numbers of hours they sleep, the more productive they will become. Notably, sleep is as important as the good grades you desire to attain. It will be difficult and close to impossible to improve your writing skills or score good grades if you do not have an adequate amount of sleep. Therefore, always ensure that you have enough rest if you want to maximize your productivity.  

Not taking breakfast

Most campus students are fond of skipping their breakfast despite being one of the most important meals to a scholar. Research indicates that failure to have your breakfast could result in disastrous impacts on your memory and attention. A study was conducted on the importance of breakfast. The results indicated that students, who were fond of taking energy drinks as their breakfast, performed worse academically and had poor memory and concentration compared to those who took their breakfast. Therefore, if you want to be productive and accomplish a lot within the day’s limited time, ensure you begin your day by taking breakfast.

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Competing with your colleagues 

Life is not a competition, and your weaknesses, maybe your friend’s strengths. Students ought to remember that every person is gifted differently and with varying abilities. You may not attain anything in your life if you live like you are in a competition. Although, at times, you may use your friend’s performance to gauge abilities, which does not mean that you should start comparing yourself. The spirit of competition will prevent you from seeking assistance, even when you are struggling. Therefore, avoid living your life as if it is a competition.


Plagiarism, also known as academic theft, is considered one of the most punishable offenses in any academic institution. In simple terms, plagiarism can be defined as the direct copying of words without giving the authors credit. One of the surest ways of making good academic grades is by avoiding plagiarism at all costs. Most students find themselves caught up with plagiarized assignments because they did not take enough time to do their assignments. The majority of professors and examiners lookout for plagiarism and any slight trace of plagiarism in your paper may be the end of you achieving your desired grade. Students are always encouraged to use the Plagiarism checker to ensure that their work is free from plagiarism. 

It is always essential for students to identify their abilities and work towards improving their drawbacks. Although accepting one’s weaknesses is difficult, you are likely to experience satisfaction in the long run when you acknowledge them. Becoming aware of students’ common mistakes will assist you in developing new methods of avoiding them. You can accomplish anything in life with the right mind-set.


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