Twitter tirades, insults and numerous public explosions. There is no doubt that Donald Trump was an American president like no other.

And with the 2020 elections to be held in November, American voters will again decide whether they want him to continue to rule their country.

Some voters will reflect on the past four years of Trump’s presidency to help them make this decision.

Others may even want to pick up on Trump’s criminal past. A search on the criminal record of POTUSl, easily accessible on the Web, tells you a number of cases involving the current American president.

Here’s a look at some of Donald Trump’s most notable criminal activities.

Trump University: fraud and corruption

As of 2010, Trump University has been the subject of three separate lawsuits. And each trial has accused “the university” of having “deceptive practices”.

These practices generally involved the organization of high-priced real estate seminars. Intended to help individuals become millionaires, the seminars have instead left many students in crippling debt.

Trump is said to have subsequently bribed Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to prevent him from investigating the university’s illegal practices.

Trump Tower: illegal and underpaid workers

In the early stages of building the Trump Tower, Trump allegedly used illegal manual workers from Poland.

These allegations ultimately resulted in a trial. In this essay, workers also revealed that they also never had proper safety equipment while working on the Trump Tower.

It has also been reported that workers do not receive adequate wages at fair wages. They also allegedly spent weeks without pay.

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During the trial, Trump testified under oath that he was unaware of the issues raised. However, several witnesses at trial confirmed that he did.

Trump Charitable Foundation: tax evasion

The Donald J. Trump Foundation was officially ordered to dissolve in 2019 due to illegal activities, mainly related to tax evasion.

To begin with, the foundation claimed to offer “gifts” to other charities that had never received them.

In addition, the foundation also donated $ 25,000 to a political campaign group associated with Pam Bondi. Bondi was the attorney general of Florida when Trump was the subject of a fraud investigation with Trump University.

Violence against women

Of all of Trump’s criminal activities, the most disturbing cases involve women.

One case concerned his activities as the leader of Trump Model Management. In addition to not paying the models a fair wage, it also allowed foreign models to work illegally without visa authorization.

Many politicians and activists go so far as to view his activities with Trump Model Management as a form of human trafficking.

In addition to these cases, there is also a case involving Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump. In this case, Trump would have pulled her hair out, ripped her clothes off, and raped her.

There is also another case where Trump is accused of raping a child who was lured into one of Jeffrey Epstein’s high profile parties.

Why Voters Should Check Criminal Records

Even though Trump is widely celebrated as a good businessman, voters should not look beyond his criminal background. The above examples are proof of this.

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Typical criminal record websites such as * Check Criminal Records * can easily reveal Trump’s unfavorable past with a few clicks. Voters should take it upon themselves to find out more about the real person behind the Trump presidency. And after this highly questionable response from Covid-19 (CoronaVirus), anyone who voted for the 45th POTUS should probably find and delete all support messages made for Donald in the past. So much for the #MAGAChallenge, unless MAGA means making America the biggest backlog.

Again, if 200,000 people die from the Corona virus, President Trump and his team have done good. Unlike the Domincan Republic which has less than 2000 cases of infected people on an island populated by 14 million people. The state of New York is not so bad, with less than double the population of the HIspanola nation, but more than 100,000 people infected.


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