With more and more people opting to pedal, the streets and roads can turn into chaos and confusion if you are not alert.

The use of bikes has grown from a simple recreational activity. People use it to go to work. Many e-commerce sites have opted for using cycles to deliver products. This is a big step to control the growing carbon footprint. As more and more cycles can be seen on the road, here are some tips on how to drive safely around cyclists to avoid any incidents.

The mantra of sharing the road

One of the simplest but effective methods is to be aware of sharing the road. When you see a cyclist sharing the road, it is wise to keep a safe distance when passing by. This is to avoid surprising them unnecessarily and not to create panic and confusion. Another step in sharing the road is not to rush to pass. If there is not enough space available for you to overtake while keeping a safe distance, you can hold on and wait for sufficient space to arrive. It won’t take long to find one in moving traffic. Therefore, it is important to opt for Ireland car insurance to insure your life and stay safe!

Think before acting

In other words, look before you open your door. A very simple security habit that is often overlooked is to look before you open your door. This habit can be of great help in avoiding an accident. When a speed cycle or even other vehicles can move near you. By looking before opening your doors, you can avoid any potential accident if you knock on the door. Buying car insurance can help you when you have accidents.

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Pay more attention on the road

The main reason behind each accident is distraction. This is the case for road accidents. It is more advisable to have your full attention on the road as a simple shift of attention can cost life or worse, lives. One of the main distractions while driving is caused by cell phones. We have often had the bad habit of checking our phones every few minutes. We tend to do the same, even while driving. We even receive messages and calls on the wheels. The best way to avoid them is to put your devices in airplane mode. This weakens concentration on the road and increases the risk of multiple accidents. Having the devices in airplane mode will ensure that no messages or calls will distract you while driving on the road. Make sure you opt for the best car insurance in Ireland.

Extra careful with this right turn

It is a good idea to always keep an eye on your blind side. Workouts in particular should keep an eye on while turning to the right. As cyclists are often very quiet in their movements, you will never know if there is one next to you if you are not fully attentive. You must be extremely careful when taking a right turn to avoid hitting anyone. Keeping regular checks on the blind side is always helpful.


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