So you have downloaded an emulation application yourself on your Android phone. And now? The next logical step on this journey is to play classic games with him! If you’re looking for recommendations for retro and classic games, you’re in luck because in this article we have put together the best games to play on a smartphone emulator!

THE legend of Zelda

If you haven’t been playing The Legend of Zelda on your mobile devices and have had an emulation app on your phone for quite some time now, then you’re not really getting the most out of it. The legend of Zelda is a classic, and you miss a ton of nostalgia when you don’t have it on the regular cycle of the games you play on your phone’s emulators!

The game can be played on the best emulators for Android including, but not limited to, ClassicBoy, RetroArch, John NESS, SuperRetro 16, among others. Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages are also available for the My OldBoy emulator, and the best part? Most of the emulators mentioned are free to download!

For most of these emulators, you need to download the separate file for the game, then navigate to the games folders. In Oracle of Seasons, Link controls the seasons and the game is mainly focused on combat. In Oracle of Ages, puzzles are the main focus, where landscapes change depending on the time you are transported.


An original from the Super Nintendo series, EarthBound can only be emulated on certain advanced Android emulators. The best of them, which makes the game the most effective, is Snes9x Ex +. You need to browse your listed games and scroll down to “Load Game” to view the .zip files. The good thing about the mentioned emulator is that once you load the game, it will automatically add it to your Recent Games menu for convenience.

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EarthBound is exciting because, at its heart, it is an adventure. As part of a three-part series, it can be difficult to know where to start and how you end up playing. For North American gamers familiar with Mother 2, that’s the only taste they have for it all. Nevertheless, Earthbound will fuel all the nostalgia for saving the Earth today in order to save its future!

Pokémon (GBA)

Okay, most purists will say that the best Pokemon games are the original games. Those intended to be played on Nintendo devices. Well, with the popularity of the franchise and the hype of Pokemon Go! for the past few years, no matter where you get your dose of these classic pocket monsters. After all, it’s the slogan, “I have to catch them all” can also translate to “I have to play them all on different consoles!”

Most emulators on Android can run Pokemon, the GameBoy Advanced genre. Since the mechanics of this game are turn-based, you won’t need to play around with the controls or worry about the consistency of translating your movements from the joystick! Of course, with any Pokemon game, you have to grind to level up, and there are always side quests to reveal exclusive mons. Surprisingly, Pokémon on Android emulators is a smooth operation, even with touch screens.

To take away

The game is constantly evolving – from GameBoy consoles to Playstation platforms to Switch, the gaming industry is sure to earn more by following each year. With the smartphone era underway, mobile phones have become the next big frontier in gaming. The big title games, as well as independent game developers, are flocking to both major operating systems, and it will only be a matter of time for new headlines to come out!


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