Angus Young Net Worth 2020 is $ 160 million, and he is one of the most recognized songwriters and guitarists. There are many amazing things that young people are doing, such as making Chuck Berry’s Duck Walk popular again, and also gaining popularity for wearing a school uniform as stage wear.

Also, Young’s performance is very energetic, making him a popular personality around the world. In Australia, there is a very Renault rock band called Ac \ Dc, and the co-founder of this band is Angus Young.

Due to his fantastic performance and albums, this Artist has become one of the best-selling artists and is listed among the 14 best-selling artists worldwide, whose sales exceed the record of 200 million.

This band released more than 16 studio albums having the popular Angus young with amazing records to his name, as in a magazine (rolling stone), this Artist is placed in the list of the 100 best guitarists. And in 2003, the bandmates of this famous composer also entered the rock and roll hall of fame. So it is very easy to get an idea about Angus Young Net worth 2020.

A look at the early life of the artist

Angus Young’s boys’ date of birth is March 31, 1955, and they belong to a normal family. Mother Second was a homemaker and father was a mechanic in the Royal Air Force at the time of World War II. He was born in Scotland and was the office father of the youngest son.

There were ten members in his family, including him. In 1963 this family moved to Sydney, Australia. Previous education was not good, as he dropped out of school at the age of 15. In 2000, Angus Young presented him with a guitar as a token of appreciation from Gibson.

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After that, slowly, slowly, this person stepped into the lyrics of success and became a renowned artist. Due to hard work, Angus Young Net Worth 2020 is very high.

Records and awards

1977-1995, Angus young has released several albums and some of the millions of copies of the album were sold all over the world. This Artist also has many achievements and awards to his name.

• The band and Angus won the award as the most essential rock band in history in 2006

• For the category of best hard rock performance in 2010 for the song by War Machine, this band also won a Grammy Award.

• The AC / DC band holds the record of winning APRA awards six times for their incredible rock music. This band always made a great contribution to success, and Angus Young Net Worth 2020 too.


In 1973, young began his musical career and at the age of 18 he founded the band AC DC. Next year, Angus young’s first music album was released. His style of dress during the show always becomes a center of attraction.

Subsequently, every year that comes, Young releases the album and achieves success. After the success of the TNT album, Angus young had the opportunity to work with Atlantic Records in the UK. After that, Young never looked back and gained popularity as well as success. All of these are the base performance to earn $ 160 million in Angus Young Net Worth 2020.


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